10 AI Writing Prompts In Content Marketing [2024]

Aishwarya Suresh

May 8, 202415 min read

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Picture this: You, your morning coffee and a blank social media canvas staring back at you.  

Do you find yourself stuck in this routine as well, where you’re not sure how to spice up your social media posts?  

Well then, cue the spotlight on artificial intelligence(AI), ‘cause this tech star is here to light up the marketing scene by transforming your ordinary posts into extraordinary narratives. As Picasso once said, "Every act of creation is first an act of destruction," and you better believe that AI can help you deconstruct your content struggles to craft a masterpiece.  

By now, you’ve probably read this everywhere — “AI is foreseeing trends!” Guess what? It’s more than that — it optimizes marketing strategies, automates tedious tasks and redefines audience engagement. AI is actively shaping the present and future of social media.  

With that in mind, today, we’ll be exploring how AI, particularly through writing prompts, can help you elevate your content game on social media. These are not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill prompts — they're the creative spark your content needs. Think of them as your brainstorming buddies that suggest smart ideas, fine-tune language and add personality to your posts. Ready to give your posts a fresh and breezy makeover? All right! Then let’s get this digital party started.  

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What is an AI writing prompt?

In simple terms, an AI writing prompt is the input or cue provided by a user to guide artificial intelligence in generating suggestions for social media content creation. Think of it as your writing instruction. It's not just about typing loose words — it's about guiding your digital AI companion to conjure content tailored to your needs.  

For example, imagine that you type in a command like: "Create a professional email requesting a staff meeting next Monday at noon." And like a reliable assistant, AI will generate an email matching your description and requirements. It's the power of articulating your needs in a simple prompt — transforming bits and bytes into meaningful content.

AI writing prompts are as versatile as you need them to be. They can be brief or detailed, but the key is to encapsulate your requirements in one clear command, whether it's the length, writing style or other specifics. Your prompt is the roadmap that AI follows.

Types of AI writing prompts — Know your commands

Now, let's take a closer look at the various flavors of AI writing prompts, all of which have been inspired by real-world scenarios. 

1. Creative prompts  

Spark your creativity with prompts like "craft a brief, captivating story of a summer trip" or "compose a social post introducing a new skincare product for winters." The suggestions that you get for these prompts can inspire imaginative content. And tailor your content based on audience preferences — from short-form copy to artwork, music and videos. This can help generate more tailored, engaging content for social media posts or emails.

⚖️ Striking the right balance — where creativity meets compliance 

In the bustling world of social media, it's crucial for marketers and AI to juggle creativity with brand compliance effectively. Setting clear guidelines is key to maintaining a consistent brand identity that resonates with your audience while staying true to your core values. 

Need a hand crafting those guidelines? We've got just the thing to help. Learn to fine-tune your brand's voice, align your visuals and ensure your messaging hits the right note across all platforms. 

Discover how with our e-book on “How and Why to Create Your Own Social Media Brand Guidelines”

2. Informational prompts

Extract key details from big data by using prompts like "provide a brief overview of Adidas' top-performing footwear collection." This is perfect for informed decision-making and finding out what’s still trending. 

3. Reasoning prompts

These prompts go beyond facts. They help AI draw thoughtful conclusions about a subject, adding depth and insight to your content. This includes prompts like "what is the impact of sustainable practices on corporate profitability?" Such lines of questioning can go a long way in helping you with industry knowledge and social media competitor analysis

4. Listicle prompts

Compile lists effortlessly by using prompts like "create a list of engaging podcast topics in the realm of artificial intelligence." They’re ideal for generating concise, bulleted options, be it for email subject lines or blog titles. These prompts help structure your thoughts in a more systematic way. 

5. Instructional prompts

Guide your content creation with prompts like "detail the process of setting up a home automation system from scratch." Utilize them to provide step-by-step guidance, which is incredibly useful for creating how-to guides or informative content. 

6. Interactive prompts

Interactive prompts initiate conversations. This includes prompts like "imagine you're a travel guide giving recommendations for a solo trip to an exotic destination." They create engaging scenarios, which are ideal for training or interactive content. 

7. Keyword prompts

Keyword prompts pinpoint words or phrases. They are used for tasks like drawing insights from data or aiding in image and video creation. Take the example of this prompt: “Generate creative ideas for nutritious meal options that are easy to prepare at home. Focus on incorporating fresh ingredients and simple cooking techniques.” This keyword prompt guides the AI by specifying terms like "nutritious," "easy-to-make," "fresh ingredients" and "simple cooking techniques," providing a clear direction for content generation related to healthy and easy-to-make meals. 

All of these prompt types aren’t just random strings of text. They serve a specific function, and, as such, they offer you a comprehensive toolkit to converting your ideas into actionable social media content.

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Importance of prompts in AI-Generated content

In the space of AI-generated content, the humble prompt emerges as the unsung hero — solving a ton of challenges and bringing order to the creative chaos. 

Considering this, let’s look at the importance of prompts in AI-generated content and how they address various obstacles: 

1. Precision in direction 

🚩 Ever tried crafting content without a clear plan? It's like wandering in the dark, leading to a mess of inconsistencies and missed goals. 

💡 When you enter the right goal-oriented prompts, you’ll be ensuring that AI understands your intentions clearly to provide a precise roadmap, be it on the stylistic, conversion-centric or data-driven side of things.

Looking for precision in your content direction?

It all starts with a bang-up content plan. Grab a content calendar and line up those goals and themes.

Here’s why you should wield this powerful tool:

🌟 Master organizer: Spot your content plans from a mile away! Get a bird’s-eye view that keeps everything neatly lined up. 

🛡️ Chaos buster: Say goodbye to content scramble! A schedule in your arsenal means you’re always prepared. 

🎯 Goal getter: Keep your eye on the prize! A calendar helps ensure every post moves you closer to your audience engagement targets.

Sprinklr's Content Calendar

Ready to kick content chaos to the curb? Dive right into our blog to learn more on how to create the perfect content plan! Better still, sign up for a trial of Sprinklr and line up your content for the next 30 days, absolutely FREE.

2. Overcoming creative blocks 

🚩 Sometimes content creators hit a wall — that annoying creative block that makes coming up with cool ideas feel like pulling teeth. And you know what makes it worse? When there's no game plan for creating content. It turns into this whole time-consuming, inefficient mess. 

💡 Creative prompts help spark the imagination — breaking through creative barriers and inspiring innovative content. They also streamline the process by guiding AI to whip up content that’s tailored to your needs in a jiffy, saving you time and effort.

Content innovation and agility: Building an AI-first infrastructure

3. Consistency across platforms

🚩 Keeping your brand's voice and messaging consistent across different platforms is like juggling — it can get tricky. 

💡 Here’s where prompts step in as the voice unifier. Acting as a guide, they offer suggestions to ensure your brand communicates cohesively, whether it's on a social media post or an email campaign

4. Adaptability to varied content types 

🚩 Ever seen content struggling to fit in? Yeah, it happens, especially when you want to squeeze content that’s been made for one format into another — like trying to make a social media post fit an instructional guide. 

💡 Prompts can be your go-to solution for this. Different types of prompts can help you transform your content, so it suits a variety of formats and social media channels in an instant.

Interesting Read: The 5 Types of Social Media Content that Work Best in 2023

5. Enhancing personalization 

🚩 Have you noticed your content is just screaming into the void and not really connecting? It happens when content is too generic and doesn't vibe with different audience segments. 

💡 Well-directed prompts can be your personalization wizard. They let you tailor content so your messages resonate and connect with diverse audience preferences. 

Deep Dive: Personalization is the Cornerstone of Effective Marketing and Here's Why

6. Optimizing for SEO and keywords 

🚩 Feeling like your content is playing hide-and-seek on the internet? That happens when your SEO efforts and keyword usage get the cold shoulder from the algorithm gods. 

💡 Keyword prompts can be your navigator here. They help you in creating content that dances to the tune of search engine algorithms. The result? Your posts become that much easier to discover. 

Basically, AI writing prompts are the matchmakers between human creativity and machine skill. They tackle writing challenges, amp up efficiency and give content creators the power to sail smoothly through the sea of AI-generated content on social media.

10 AI writing prompts for content marketing teams

Ready to sprinkle some AI magic on your content? Let's dive into 10 AI writing prompts for various content formats to turn your social media marketing game into a storytelling bonanza! 

Social media engagement post

Scenario: Your mission is to create a lively social media post around the launch of your innovative smartwatch that revolutionizes fitness tracking. 

AI writing prompt: "Imagine you are hosting a virtual party to reveal a brand-new smartwatch which is changing the game in fitness tracking. Craft a lively social media post that gets everyone excited about it. Talk about the cool features of the watch and ask everyone about their fitness goals. Keep it casual and inviting, and encourage everyone to share their unique insights!" 

Interactive poll for X

Scenario: You want to develop a quick and interesting poll on X focused on coffee preferences, sparking a conversation about favorite brews. 

AI writing prompt: "Imagine you're hosting a virtual coffee tasting on X, where everyone is sharing their favorite coffee choices. Create a quick and engaging poll that sparks a discussion on the most-loved coffee flavors. Keep it lively, concise and inspire our X community to share their coffee preferences!" 

Video script for content creation tips

Scenario: You want to produce a video offering tips on outdoor activities. 

AI writing prompt: "Picture you're the friendly guide on an outdoor expedition. Develop a script for a video, sharing expert tips on planning exciting outdoor adventures. Keep it informative, upbeat and add a touch of excitement to keep viewers hooked." 

Email subject line for content strategy webinar

Scenario: You want to create a subject line for an email inviting home decor enthusiasts to an exclusive webinar about the latest trends in interior design. 

AI writing prompt: "Imagine you're curating an email that feels like an exclusive invite to a home decor soiree. Compose a subject line that makes decor enthusiasts feel they're about to unlock exclusive insights of the latest trends in interior design. Keep it stylish, intriguing and absolutely irresistible." 

Blog post introduction

Scenario: Your team needs a captivating start for a blog post on sustainable living. 

AI writing prompt: "Craft an attention-grabbing introduction for a blog post on sustainable living, emphasizing the positive impact of small eco-friendly habits. Think engaging and empowering!" 

Facebook ad copy for blog promotion 

Scenario: You're tasked with crafting a persuasive ad copy for Facebook to drive interest in sustainable living practices, highlighting eco-friendly choices and inviting environmentally conscious individuals to explore and share. 

AI writing prompt: "Picture that you're composing an ad that feels like a friend suggesting a sustainable lifestyle. Craft persuasive ad copy for Facebook to showcase eco-friendly choices in daily life. Keep it mindful, highlight key practices and make readers curious to embrace a greener lifestyle!" 

Infographic title for writing trends

Scenario: You want to develop a title for an infographic that spotlights the hottest trends in gardening. 

AI writing prompt: "Imagine you're creating a visually stunning guide of the gardening world. Develop a title for an infographic that spotlights the hottest trends in gardening. Keep it catchy, informative and make fellow writers excited to cultivate their green spaces!" 

Instagram caption for product showcase

Scenario: A new line of pet products is ready for its Instagram spotlight, and you need a caption for this that captures the essence of pet care. 

AI writing prompt: "Write an Instagram caption that introduces our latest line of pet products. Keep it heartwarming, highlight key features and invite pet lovers to pamper their furry friends with our new collection!" 

Email newsletter headline

Scenario: The marketing team is preparing a newsletter to highlight recent achievements and updates. 

AI writing prompt: "Create a catchy headline for our monthly newsletter, focusing on celebrating achievements and sharing exciting updates. Make it feel like a conversation with a friend!" 

LinkedIn post for a company milestone celebration

Scenario: Your company has achieved a significant milestone by reaching 10,000 followers on LinkedIn, and you want to share the excitement with your LinkedIn audience. The goal is to showcase gratitude, engage the community and build a positive brand image.

AI writing prompt: "Picture yourself as our company’s ambassador delivering exciting news in a LinkedIn town hall. Craft a LinkedIn post celebrating our recent milestone of reaching 10,000 followers, infusing it with gratitude, acknowledging the community's role and inviting our audience to join in on the celebration. Make it heartfelt, genuine and reflective of our journey." 

How to make ChatGPT prompts for AI writing?

When it comes to extracting the best from ChatGPT for your writing needs, the art lies in the prompt. Here are some nifty tips to elevate your prompt game: 

1. Clarity is king 

Provide essential details like the word count, desired tone and any exceptions to guide the AI in creating precisely what you need. 

Example: "Generate a 100-word blog introducing sustainable living with an upbeat and informative tone, emphasizing small eco-friendly habits.

Clear ChatGPT prompt example

2. Combine for precision 

Mix and match prompts to refine your request. 

Example: "Acting as a travel guide, describe the historical significance of the Eiffel Tower in 100 words.

This example illustrates the tip of combining prompts to enhance precision. By adding the role of a "travel guide," it refines the request for a more focused response.

Example of combining prompts on ChatGPT for a refined response

3. Seek multiple angles 

If the initial response doesn't align with your vision — rephrase and try again. Experiment with new information or keywords for diverse and tailored results. 

Example: If the initial, ineffective prompt was "write a short story about friendship," rephrase it with "craft a narrative on the importance of companionship.

Example of rephrasing ChatGPT prompts for tailored responses

4. Clarify length and style 

Specify the length of the content and the preferred writing style. Clear instructions enhance the AI's understanding of your expectations. 

Example: "Compose a concise 100-word product description for our latest smartphone, maintaining a casual and friendly style.

Example of specifying content length on a ChatGPT prompt

5. Specify the target audience 

Clearly define your target audience to ensure the AI tailors the content to resonate with the intended demographic. 

Example: "Write a conversational script for a YouTube video introducing our VR gaming headset to tech-savvy millennials, keeping it engaging and informative.

ChatGPT prompt example specifying target audience

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Brand stories inspired by AI writing prompts

Time for the good stuff! Let's unravel the incredible tales of brands brought to life through the magic of AI writing prompts. 

Goosehead Insurance revolutionizes marketing with Jasper

Navigating a competitive market, Goosehead Insurance turned to Jasper, an AI content creation platform, to address scaling challenges. With Jasper's assistance, the marketing team significantly increased productivity and witnessed impressive results:   

  • Accelerated content creation: Utilizing Jasper, the team produced 44 articles in the first quarter of that year, allowing the consistent publication of five articles per week. This content supported website traffic goals and provided the flexibility to create assets efficiently. 

  • Email engagement boost: Jasper contributed to a remarkable 22% increase in email click-through rates for the company. The platform's content creation and testing capabilities led to personalized and resonant social media campaigns, resulting in a 20% revenue boost in Q3 and Q4.  

  • Website overhaul: Leveraging Jasper's content improver and paragraph generator, Goosehead revamped its franchise-facing website, achieving an 87% increase in monthly visibility. The partnership with Jasper played a crucial role for Goosehead Insurance in enhancing brand presence and driving substantial business growth. 

Ironclad transforms contract review with GPT-4

Ironclad leveraged GPT-4 to revolutionize contract review, and it introduced AI Assist™ in March 2023. The AI application automates legal review by identifying irregularities, offering pre-approved clauses and supporting ChatGPT-style text prompting. Thanks to the integration of ChatGPT-4 into Ironclad’s contract editor, AI Assist™ reduced contract redlining time from 40 minutes to two — earning overwhelming positive feedback and rapid adoption.

Ironclad uses GPT-4 for contract review


Frost & Sullivan saves editing time with Grammarly Business

Frost & Sullivan, a global market research firm, enhanced its writing team's productivity with Grammarly Business, cutting editing time for client stories from three hours to just one. Facing challenges in maintaining editing efficiency, Tonya Fowler, who’s responsible for crafting research reports, implemented Grammarly Business as a mandatory tool. The platform acted as an editing assistant, significantly reducing editing time and allowing the team to produce high-quality content efficiently. With over 500 new projects completed in a year and 17 million words checked, Grammarly Business proved instrumental in optimizing Frost & Sullivan's editing process and overall output.  


Now that you've got the lowdown on AI writing prompts, you’re all set to brave the realm where creativity meets data and social posts turn into conversion magnets. Crafting conversion-worthy social posts is a breeze with these prompts. It's about working smart, not hard. 

A great way to do that is by leveling up your content marketing with Sprinklr AI+. This powerful tool goes beyond traditional writing prompts. It intelligently analyzes your brand voice and industry trends, providing you with personalized prompts that spark creativity and streamline your social media content creation. Crafting killer content strategies and high-converting ads just got a whole lot easier — with Sprinklr AI+ and its prompt magic. Combining the power of Sprinklr AI, Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and OpenAI’s GPT models you get the best in generative AI.  

If the need of the hour is to make content creation quick and easy, then Sprinklr AI+ says, “Challenge accepted!" So, why settle for the ordinary when you can level up your content game with AI?

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