Social Media Promotion in 2024: Trends and Tactics You Need to Know

Umme Sutarwala

February 28, 202411 min read

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Creating engaging content is crucial in 2024 since people's attention span is growing shorter day by day. To improve engagement, you must include user-generated content, interactive polls and short videos in your social media promotion strategy.  

This article will tell you all that you need to know about the dynamic world of social media promotion, highlighting the major social media strategies and social media trends that are predicted to rule this year. 

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The constantly changing terrain of social media promotion 

Technology improvements, changes in user behavior and changes to the algorithms and policies established by social media platforms all contribute to the always-changing landscape of social media promotion. You can level up your social media marketing by watching trends, tracking analytics and remaining adaptable in your approach.  

The past few years have witnessed a significant shift in the way content is consumed. Live streaming, interactive content and short-form video content have all seen tremendous growth. This pattern is anticipated to continue in 2024 with companies using short videos and live streaming to draw viewers in and encourage in-the-moment interaction. 

The importance of staying up to date with trends 

Staying informed with the newest trends in social media advertising is not just a choice; it's a need. Users quickly move to the next new thing, so marketers must stay at the top of their game if they want to keep their audience's interest. 

Additionally, social media algorithms favor content that follows current trends. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram, for instance, give priority to the most popular content types. This indicates that you boost your chances of greater reach and engagement by adding the most recent trends and strategies into your approach.

5 social media promotion-related trends and tactics to watch out for in 2024 

Here are the top trends and tactics you need to keep an eye on to stay on top of the social media marketing game.

1. Short-form video dominance 

The popularity of apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels has demonstrated that there is a demand among consumers for short, interesting and amusing video content. 
By producing short, bite-sized films that highlight their products, share their brand's history or even reveal behind-the-scenes moments, marketers will continue to capitalize on this trend in 2024. 

In 2023, 33- of marketers prioritized their investment in short-form video content for engaging audiences and driving marketing strategies

2. Augmented reality (AR) integration 

Augmented reality is fast becoming a mainstay in social media advertising. Brands can produce engaging and immersive content by employing AR filters and effects, which also improve user experiences by allowing them to do everything from experimenting with virtual makeup to visualizing new furniture in their house. 

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3. Influencer partnerships with micro-influencers 

As you may know, influencer marketing strategy has been a popular trend for some time, and a move to micro-influencers is imminent in 2024. A recent study found that 82% of consumers are more likely to buy a product recommended by a micro-influencer.

Sami Udell and Sebastian Junger are two popular micro-influencers on Instagram

Because their content is often more authentic and relatable than that of larger influencers, micro-influencers enjoy a modest but very devoted fan base, which can lead to more sincere and precise promotional efforts. 

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4. Ephemeral content for FOMO

FOMO or fear of missing out is a potent psychological motivator. By offering content that is only accessible for a brief period of time, like Instagram and Facebook Stories, brands can take advantage of customers’ FOMO. This encourages them to interact with the content right away, increasing its exposure and engagement. 

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5. Social commerce expansion 

Direct shopping functionality is increasingly being included on social media sites. Instagram's shoppable posts and Facebook Marketplace are just a couple of examples. More platforms will likely improve their social commerce features this year, making it simpler for consumers to browse and buy things without ever leaving the app. 

Video-centric social media promotion: The continued rise of video content 

The proverb "a picture is worth a thousand words" has never been more accurate than in the current world of social media promotion. Since it has been on the rise for a while, video content will likely continue to rule this year, too. 

Social media platforms are emphasizing video content more than ever because it can draw in and hold user attention better than static images or text-based posts. By creating aesthetically appealing and interesting video content, brands have been capitalizing on this trend for a while now. Videos offer viewers a window into the brand's personality and products, whether they are brief product demos, how-to movies or behind-the-scenes looks. 

Real-world case study 

The Dollar Shave Club launch video serves as an ideal example of the effectiveness of video-centric promotion.  

Dollar Shave Club, which sells razors and other personal care items by subscription introduced its brand to the public in 2012 by dropping a lighthearted and irreverent video online. The company's dynamic Founder, Michael Dubin, appeared in the ad, which not only told the audience what makes the product tick but also gave them a glimpse of the brand’s distinct personality.  

The video went viral, gaining millions of views in a matter of days, and put Dollar Shave Club on the map. The clever execution and the short but impactful delivery of the intended message in the ad film demonstrated the medium’s effectiveness in grabbing viewers' attention and creating a lasting impression. 

Leveraging live streaming and short-form videos for engagement 

A highly effective method for real-time interaction with viewers is live streaming.  

Live videos convey a feeling of immediateness and authenticity and enable you to communicate with your brand’s fan base in real time. When it comes to product launches, Q&A sessions and even virtual events, this trend has been extremely successful. Social networking sites include built-in tools that alert users when a business or individual comes online, boosting the possibility that people will participate and engage. 

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The broad acceptance of short-form videos in recent years has been facilitated by the likes of social platforms like TikTok and Instagram. These bite-sized videos satisfy viewers' short attention spans and provide businesses with a fantastic chance to show off their creativity without taking up too much of the viewers’ time. Brands may ride the tide of viral content by harnessing trends and challenges on these platforms, thus, expanding their reach and visibility exponentially. 

Shoppable social media: Seamless shopping experience within platforms 

Social media and e-commerce have gradually merged, but last year social commerce advanced to unprecedented heights. Shoppable posts have merged the two customer journey stages — discovery and purchase — becoming a crucial component of social media marketing.  

Now that users can purchase goods straight from their preferred social networking sites, the purchasing procedure is streamlined, thereby improving the user experience. 

Pinterest and Instagram are particularly popular venues for this trend. Buyable Pins were introduced by Pinterest to give customers a seamless buying experience on its platform. Users can find things they're interested in and purchase right from the Pinterest app through Buyable Pins. 

Also, brands can tag their products in posts, enabling users to click and buy without actually leaving the app. Users don't need to leave their social feeds to access product information, pricing or reviews. This frictionless integration naturally increases conversion rates.

Integrating e-commerce and social media promotion 

Brands are increasingly designing complete buyer’s journey on social media. Imagine being able to browse a carefully chosen selection of things without ever leaving the app, exactly like you would in an online store. With this strategy, social media accounts transform into online shops. 

Facebook and Instagram Shops are prime examples of this trend. Businesses can design a storefront within their profile that organizes items by category and offers an aesthetically pleasing shopping experience. 

This not only makes the checkout process simpler but also increases the amount of time customers spend interacting with brand content. Personal suggestions based on user preferences and browsing history take the social commerce experience to another level. 

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Niche and community targeting

Brands have begun to focus on niche audiences in place of broad strokes. Campaigns that are tailored to a particular demographic may deliver messaging that is compelling and laser focused.  

Building engaged communities is also becoming more popular simultaneously. Brands create environments where people with similar interests can bond through their shared experiences. This approach cultivates brand advocacy and promotes loyalty. 

Purpose-driven marketing 

Through their alignment with social and environmental causes, brands are taking on a larger role. And consumers, in turn, support businesses that share their ideals. Promotions with a cause highlight a brand's sincerity and dedication to the advancement of society.  

Additionally, crafting social media promotions is becoming a reflective art. To increase brand relatability and strengthen emotional ties, brands are perpetuating storylines that reflect their ideals. 

Success Story: Sprinklr Partners with the 3% Movement and X, formerly Twitter to Track Purpose-Driven Super Bowl Ads 

Data-driven advertising 

Data has always been essential to marketing, but in 2024, its importance can’t be stressed enough. Advanced analytics solutions can give you previously unheard-of insights into the tastes, behaviors and shopping patterns of your audience. Precision targeting, in which the correct advertisements are sent to the right individuals at the right time, is made possible by this wealth of data. However, only 13% of marketers are using data to its full potential. 

Cross-platform consistency 

Maintaining a consistent brand message is crucial because customers can jump across platforms with ease.  

The identity and messaging of your brand must be consistent across platforms to be effective on social media. This entails adopting the same tone, visuals and values to provide the audience with a consistent experience when they encounter your brand online. 

Additionally, this social media promotion strategy helps develop brand familiarity and trust among your customers. Users are more inclined to view a brand as trustworthy and competent when they encounter it and see how it stays true to itself across platforms. This trend highlights the fact that a brand is more than simply the products or services it provides; it also generates emotions and impressions. 

Increased time, skill and financial resources are important factors in scaling content. It's crucial to make sure you have the necessary team and resources in place to handle the additional workload. Another challenge is that you must take into account various languages, cultures and regional preferences if your company is present globally. It can be difficult to adapt your social media messaging so that it appeals to a variety of audiences, while avoiding cultural pitfalls. 

Sprinklr’s AI-powered Social Publishing & Engagement supports 30+ channels and can help brands add any new channel in weeks. With Sprinklr, you can publish and engage confidently using AI-powered, granular approval processes that ensure your content consistently meets all necessary standards.

Sprinklr uses automated flagging of inappropriate language, profanity, biases and irrelevance to help your brand stay compliant at scale

Multi-format content strategy 

The era of text-based updates via social media is long gone.  

An effective social media content strategy in 2024 will incorporate a variety of content types to accommodate various audience preferences. Marketing professionals may create a more thorough and interesting brand story by fusing text, photos and videos. 

Images and videos are particularly effective methods for attracting attention to the quickly moving feeds of social media sites. They deliver information rapidly and frequently, arousing strong emotions in the viewer. User engagement is further increased by including interactive components like polls, quizzes and live videos. 

On the other hand, text-based material is still essential for delivering in-depth information, sharing perspectives and promoting meaningful interactions. A well-rounded mix of content ensures that your brand will continue to be appealing to a larger audience. 

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In 2024, social media promotion is all about meaningful connections and smart strategies.  

As consumers choose genuine relationships above flashy content, authenticity takes the lead. Focus on producing relevant and intriguing content that resonates with your audience, as quality always wins over quantity. 

New trends and strategies have emerged because of the fusion of cutting-edge technologies with evolving consumer behavior, and these strategies are crucial for effective brand engagement. Adapt to these developments well to have a competitive advantage. 

Personalization, too, has become an even more important strategy, allowing you to establish closer relationships with your customers. Customer service has been transformed by real-time interactions powered by AI-driven chatbots. Additionally, simple scrolling has been converted into immersive experiences due to the seamless integration of augmented reality into social sites. 

As you navigate these dynamic trends, Sprinklr can come in handy. With our state-of-the-art AI algorithms, we can empower you to curate personalized content and amplify engagement. And through Sprinklr Social, your customer interactions go smoothly, bolstering loyalty and satisfaction. 

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