Raising a Glass to CX with Jay Baer’s Wisdom on Speed, Strategy and Satisfaction

Despina Singh

April 1, 20248 min read

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Guess what? The key to making your brand pop on social media might just be tucked away in the fun and flavor of your favorite bottle of tequila. 
In the latest episode of the CX-Wise podcast, our host Nathan Bennett dives into a spirited (pun intended) conversation with Jay Baer, a man who's not only a digital marketing guru and a CX virtuoso but also a renowned tequila connoisseur.  

With a rich background in founding multi-million-dollar companies and advising over 700 brands, including giants like Nike and IBM, Jay brings a unique blend of flavor to customer experience strategy.  

He asserts:  


From the concept of "talk triggers" — unique strategies businesses can employ to create memorable and buzzworthy customer experiences — to why speed is the new currency in business responsiveness, Jay serves his wisdom on creating a customer experience so delightful it's intoxicating.  

So, are you ready to rethink your approach to business with a shot of Jay's wisdom?   

Table of Contents

Blending B2B with B2C: a winning recipe for engagement

Jay reminds us: “A business serves people, not faceless entities.”  
Bringing B2C engagement strategies into the B2B world humanizes your brand, making it more relatable and engaging.   

  • Emotional connection: B2B or B2C, people make decisions based on emotion. Tell stories that resonate on an emotional level to create a deeper connection with your audience. 

  • Interactive experiences: Host webinars, Q&A sessions or interactive workshops to engage directly with your audience, providing value and building relationships. 

  • User-generated content: Encourage your B2B customers to share their stories and experiences. This not only provides social proof but also deepens their investment in your brand. 

The lightning-fast lane of customer expectations

Jay hits the nail on the head:  


In a world where every second counts, speed isn't just a luxury; it's a necessity.  

Customers equate rapid responses with respect and care.  But it's not just about being quick; it's about valuing the customer's time as much as they do. 

  • Speed shows you care. Respond swiftly, and customers will notice. 

  • The race to respond first can significantly boost your business, with 50% of customers favoring the fastest responder. 

Action plan for you

  • Leverage technology: Use chatbots for immediate responses and route complex queries to humans. This blend ensures speed without sacrificing personal touch. 

  • Feedback loops: Implement quick, regular feedback mechanisms to constantly refine and accelerate your processes based on customer and employee input. 

  • Celebrate wins: Share stories internally of times when being fast made a significant positive impact on customer experience to reinforce the value of speed. 

Where can you cut the fat? Streamlining processes isn't just an operational win; it's a CX triumph. 
Alright, let's step into a make-believe world where TechCorp (our imaginary tech giant) decides to shake things up in the customer service game.  

They roll out the "Real-Time Response" initiative, where AI chatbots get snappy, dishing out answers faster than you can say "customer satisfaction."  

These bots are so quick, they make fast food look slow! 

TechCorp's customer service team isn't just sitting back and watching the bots have all the fun; they're in on the action too, with streamlined workflows that have their agents answering queries quicker than a teenager texts.  

The result? Customer happiness and loyalty that's off the charts.  

Other companies are left scratching their heads, wondering how TechCorp turned customer service into a one-of-its-kind success story. 

So, while this tale of TechCorp's lightning-fast customer service is as fictional as unicorns, it's a reminder that in the CX world, speed thrills and slowness kills. 

The recipe for memorable content: short, sweet and strategic

Speaking of short-form content, Jay emphasizes its potential, especially on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.  

But it's not just about brevity; it's about delivering value that sticks. Crafting content that resonates in a flash can catapult your brand into the spotlight of customer minds. 

“So when I started doing the tequila stuff, this is sort of an experiment anyway, so why don't we try short-form video content — TikTok and Reels — because I'd never really done that with any degree of consistency.” 

Actionable steps for you 

  • Identify your core message 

  • Make it snappy and engaging 

  • Ensure it aligns with your brand's voice and values 

Let's cook up a scenario with "ByteBite," our fictional gourmet snack brand. 

They decide to take a bite out of the short-form content craze, targeting the bustling world of TikTok and Instagram.  

Their recipe? Quick, quirky videos showcasing mouth-watering snacks in under 15 seconds, all while infusing humor that aligns with their playful brand persona.   

ByteBite's content is like a snackable TV show — short, savory and impossible to resist.  
Each video is a mini explosion of flavors, leaving viewers hungry for more.  
The result? ByteBite becomes the snack of choice not just at the table, but also in the vast, appetizing world of social media buzz. 

From hello to forever (enough said) 

Jay's insights on B2B relationships are golden. They’re not just about dazzling during the first interaction; B2B relationships are about consistently exceeding expectations.  

85% of customers say that speed and responsiveness are critical factors in their brand loyalty."

Remember that CX isn't a one-and-done deal; it's an ongoing commitment to excellence. 

Strategy snapshot 

  • Evaluate your entire customer journey for responsiveness 

  • Implement feedback loops to continually improve speed and efficiency 

  • Recognize that every interaction is an opportunity to reinforce loyalty 

Imagine our CX champ Sarah, totally inspired by Jay's golden nuggets on B2B magic.  

She's all in, not just for that first “wow” moment with customers but for the long haul.  
Sarah's dissecting every step of her customer's journey, hunting down those pesky slow spots.   

Bam! She introduces this snazzy customer experience management (CXM) software, and begins sorting issues like a pro, making sure urgent stuff gets the fast lane.  

And soon Sarah's team isn't just fixing problems; they're reaching out, making sure everyone's happy post-fix.   

The way Sarah's team interacts with customers is as if they are the customer's BFFs — always there, always caring. 
The result? Customers are sticking around, raving about how they're treated like royalty and how service has become faster and better than ever before.  
Sarah's strategy? It's not just a hit; it's a home run, turning one-time buyers into lifelong fans. Now, that's how you make customer loyalty look easy-peasy! 

Cutting through the noise: the power of ‘talk triggers’ 

Jay introduces us to the concept of Talk Triggers, those unique, conversation-worthy elements that turn customers into your most passionate advocates.  

The goal is to do something so remarkable that people can't help but talk about it.  

In Jay’s words: 


How to create your Talk Trigger 

  • Identify what makes your brand unique 

  • Develop an actionable, memorable element that embodies this uniqueness 

  • Consistently deliver on this element to embed it in the customer experience 

Meet Mia, a CX professional, who is applying Jay's "talk triggers" to her (fictional) online bookstore, aptly named Page Turners.   

She identifies her brand's uniqueness: personalized book recommendations by experts.   

Mia introduces a standout feature: every purchase comes with a custom bookmark featuring a handwritten note about why the chosen book is special.  
This unexpected, personal touch becomes a conversation starter among book lovers, leading to increased word-of-mouth promotion.  
Customers eagerly share their unique bookmarks and book stories online, turning "Page Turners" into a talked-about brand in the reading community.  

AI: the personalization bartender at your service

In an age where AI is everywhere, Jay reminds us that the key is not to replace the human element but to enhance it.  

AI should empower us to offer more personalized, relevant experiences to each customer, making them feel like they're the only person in the room. 

According to Jay:


Balancing act 

  • Utilize AI for personalization at scale 

  • Ensure your AI-enhanced interactions still feel genuine and empathetic 

  • Use AI to understand customer preferences and tailor experiences accordingly 

Imagine you're at this giant bank. 
They've got this cool AI that's like a financial Sherlock Holmes, digging through your transactions to spot the perfect investment opportunities just for you.  
But here's the kicker: it's not all robots and algorithms.  
Your very own relationship manager, let's call them your financial buddy, uses those AI nuggets to chat with you. They're all for understanding your dreams, your worries and making your money work for you.  
Using the AI system, the bank turns into an AI-powered financial BFF — personal and tuned into you. 
That's how you blend tech with personal touch, making sure every interaction is as unique as you are.

The unsung hero of CX: setting clear expectations

Jay highlights a critical, often overlooked aspect of CX: setting clear expectations.  

What should be your objective? Bridging the "uncertainty gap" and ensuring customers know what to expect and when.  

This transparency builds trust and reduces anxiety, paving the way for a smoother customer journey. 

Tips for clarity 

  • Anticipatory service: Predict and anticipate customer needs to provide solutions before they even realize they have a problem. This proactive approach can significantly enhance customer perception and loyalty. 

  • Clear communication: Ensure that your communication is concise, clear and valuable. Don't waste customers' time with fluff or irrelevant information.  

  • Respect their journey: Understand the customer's journey and drop any unnecessary steps that could slow down their progress down the funnel or lead to their frustration. 

Imagine stepping into the shoes of a client of CloudCorp, a fictional tech company.  
They've just rolled out this super snazzy interactive portal that's like a crystal ball for your cloud integration journey. You log in and, voila, there's your project, mapped out in vibrant colors, showing you every twist and turn of the process.  
You can see what's done (hooray!), what's cooking and what's up next, complete with timelines that aren't just guesses — they're estimates with oomph.   And guess what? If something moves or shakes, you're the first to know, thanks to notifications that pop up right when you need them.  
The experience of using CloudCorp's interactive portal is like having a backstage pass to your own tech concert, where you're always in the loop, reducing those nail-biting moments and ramping up the "Wow, this is smooth sailing!" feelings.
How's that for setting clear expectations and jazzing up the customer journey?

Creating a culture of responsiveness: every second counts 

In fostering a culture of responsiveness, it's crucial to understand that "every interaction is an opportunity to demonstrate your brand's values," as Jay points out. Responsiveness should be ingrained in the company's DNA, reflecting in every employee's actions.   

  • Empathy training: Incorporate empathy into your training programs. Employees should understand and feel the customer's urgency and respond with not just speed but compassion. 

  • Cross-functional teams: Foster collaboration across departments to ensure quick information flow and decision-making, eliminating silos that can hinder responsiveness. 

  • Reward system: Implement a system that recognizes and rewards responsiveness. This could be through public acknowledgment, bonuses or other incentives that align with your company culture. 

Wrapping up: because it’s now ‘The Time to Win’ 

In his book "The Time to Win: How to Exceed Your Customer's Need for Speed," Jay encapsulates the essence of today's CX battleground: speed and responsiveness.  
It's a clarion call to businesses to prioritize their customers' time as if it were their own.  
Because, in the end, the businesses that respect their customers' time are the ones that win their hearts (and wallets). 🤭 

Who should read “The Time to Win"?  
Well, the book is a broad appeal to anyone and everyone interested in understanding the critical role of speed in customer experience and how you can leverage excellent customer service to achieve competitive advantage and business success. 
And guess what? You can win yourself a free copy now.  
Do share your takeaway from the podcast on LinkedIn and other social platforms.  
Don’t forget to use the hashtag #CXWISE and be sure to tag Sprinklr.  

You can even drop us a line at cxwise@sprinklr.com, and we'll send you a copy for FREE (shipping included), or should we call it "your ticket to skyrocketing customer satisfaction and unparalleled business growth?" 
Tune in to the full podcast to get CX-Wiser and stay for Jay Baer's engaging storytelling and sharp insights on transforming your customer experience strategy, all delivered with his unique, captivating flair.  

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