The Challenge

Their challenge

“We produce a high volume of daily content, most of which is created and published within 24 hours from ideation to execution.”

“How do we operate on the global level while still remaining as relevant as possible at a hyper-local level? How do we also have message control and governance while collaborating across teams?”

The Solution

What they did

“Groupon utilizes Sprinklr as our global enterprise solution for social content management and measurement in 47 countries. Sprinklr has given us an efficient workflow method, where content can be produced, reviewed, scheduled and measured all within one shared interface.” The editorial staff creates global content, while providing local community managers “enough autonomy that they can develop their own relevant content,” optimize it, and push it out to various channels. In this way, Groupon is able to balance customization for individual localities and still maintain a consistent global voice.

Their resultsHuge publishing power with local flavor.

“Groupon publishes between 3,000-10,000 posts per week and manages 174 Twitter handles for specific localities.”

Content production efficiency.

“Operating at a local level requires a high volume of original content. The Social Asset Manager (SAM) and custom reporting dashboards within Sprinklr have helped us identify operational efficiencies in content-sharing across all geographies.”

Reduced costs in content production.

“Sprinklr enables us to fluently share content across countries, languages and platforms. We analyze how content performs in real-time, and measure what’s working and what’s not to grow revenue.” look at the content pieces being used by each market and analyze the differences.