Take control of your brand reputation with actionable, AI-powered insights.

In an always-on digital world, brands should always keep a close eye on reputational risk. It can be triggered by negative customer sentiment, brand impersonation, or even your competitors. But with Sprinklr’s online reputation management software, you can analyze customer sentiment around your brand, product, and category in real time, spot data anomalies, and bring internal teams together instantly to mitigate risk and protect your brand reputation.


of business leaders report that their crisis management capabilities need improvement.


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Sprinklr is trusted by the world's biggest brands
Protect your brand’s reputation and authenticity — and create better customer experiences.

Sprinkr's Brand Management solution captures vital customer feedback across 30+ social and digital channels — so you can uncover and act on customer sentiment before it impacts your brand reputation. With fully customizable AI-driven dashboards, you also get a better understanding of customer intent across your category, product, brand, logo, and point of sale.

Reduce brand risk with unified crisis detection and mitigation.

Sprinklr’s AI-powered Smart Alerts leverage the world’s only unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform to help cross-functional teams identify when and how to act in the face of a crisis — giving your care, marketing, and social media management teams a single point of truth that empowers them to respond quickly and collaboratively.

Get competitive intelligence on your category — and your brand.

Know what’s working (or not) in your industry with intelligent, agile competitive performance validation metrics. Sprinklr’s proprietary Intuition™ AI helps you stay ahead of your competitors by monitoring high-impact activities across channels — and delivering real-time email notifications on critical trends like spikes in competitor post frequency, engagement, or follower count.

How can you monitor, manage, and protect your brand across 30+ channels — in real time?

With the explosion of social and digital channels, brands face many risks… and challenges. Capturing and interpreting conversations around your business or brand in real time — then finding a way to share those insights with your internal teams so they can take action — can present a huge challenge at enterprise scale.

Sprinklr’s AI-powered reputation and brand management tools are designed to integrate all of your online reputation monitoring and crisis management workflows into a single, seamless experience, helping you break down data silos, monitor and move the right data — from 30+ digital and social channels, 500+ review sites, and thousands of news sites and blogs, as well as owned, paid, offline survey, and internal data — to the right team in real time, so they can respond swiftly, mitigate crises, and protect your brand reputation.

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Monitor, manage, and protect your brand reputation in real time with Sprinklr’s brand reputation management software.

Connect with our experts to discuss your goals and explore how you can:

Elevate your CX strategy by staying up to date on what your customers and competitors are saying about your business and brand.

Mitigate risks by alerting cross-functional teams with all the information they need to act on potential crises.

Reduce costs and time to insight with AI-powered insights — so your team is equipped to take action swiftly when it matters most.

Unlock insights from customer conversations, mitigate crises — and protect your brand reputation.

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AI-powered Smart Alerts help you stay on top of customer sentiment, detect sudden changes and data anomalies — and take action before potential crises become brand headlines.

Maintain brand consistency across channels with an AI-powered brand governance model.

With Sprinklr Marketing, your marketing teams can moderate, manage, and respond to comments on paid and organic content seamlessly — with customized workflows to ensure proper routing.

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How Honda adopted a unified approach to track 100+ car models — and keep a close watch on potential crises.

Leveraged best-in-class social listening capabilities

Honda used Sprinklr’s social listening to listen and learn from the millions of customer conversations across social and digital channels — and to transform actionable brand insights into meaningful customer experiences.

Benchmarked social content and engagement against competitors

Sprinklr’s ability to capture competitive insights from 400K social accounts on a single platform helped Honda differentiate their CX strategy — and analyze content for insights beyond engagement metrics and posts.

Mitigated brand risk by listening across 30+ digital channels

Honda captured insights across the social and digital channels consumers prefer to understand customer sentiment (both positive and negative), identify risk, mitigate crises, and protect their brand reputation.

Get the Strategic Handbook on Brand Authenticity

  • Explore 4 ways consumers perceive a brand’s authenticity — and how it influences preferences and choices. 

  • Identify critical challenges that keep many brands from achieving authenticity. 

  • Learn how a unified approach to analyzing the voice of your customers surfaces actionable insights that drive more authentic customer experiences. 

  • Learn how to manage and protect your brand through governance and compliance frameworks.

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Sprinklr Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Social Suites, Q3 2021

Sprinklr is recognized as a Leader in Social Suites by Forrester Research, for the ability to deliver “across all social media needs at equal depth — listening, customer service, organic publishing, and advertising — plus some secondary social products like influencer management and employee advocacy.”

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"Sprinklr is an amazing tool - Very useful!"

"Sprinklr Insights is a fantastic research tool to perform market research! I like the listening engine that lets me listen to specific conversations across the web. I also love how we can clean noises from our topic, as the tool really helps us in that sense."

- Review on G2

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