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Turn data into action with AI-powered social listening from 500M conversations per day.

All brands say they listen to customers. But with AI-powered social listening tools from Sprinklr, you can tap into 500 million conversations every day beyond your core brand channels — and transform unstructured data into actionable, relevant insights for driving business growth and evolving customer experiences.


of board members view AI as one of the biggest game-changers for CX.


Feature - Research - Social Listening - Turn data into action with AI-powered social listening from 500M conversations per day.
Sprinklr is trusted by the world's biggest brands
Only 29% of firms use customer insights to inform decisions.

Sprinklr’s AI-powered social listening tool translates real-time, voice-of-the-customer data into actionable insights you can share across your organization to drive innovation, all on one unified platform.

Earn the business of 62% of customers that expect you to adapt based on their behaviors.

With insights from the most advanced, proprietary AI engine built for the enterprise, you can capture valuable customer feedback on products and services; gain a competitive advantage over competitors’ products and strategies; discover influential audiences; and identify key market trends you can capitalize on.

Protect your brand with AI social listening on 30+ modern channels.

Detect viral events and brand crises before they become a business risk. By using AI-powered social listening tools to monitor current events worldwide, you can transform insights into rapid action with decisive, proactive decision validation for your strategies and tactics on owned media.

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How can social listening platforms help you increase sales up to 4%?

Unpacking insights from petabytes of data spread across 30+ modern channels is virtually impossible — without significant help. AI-powered social listening tools help brands instantly identify the trends, topics, and influencers that matter most to customers, then use those insights to drive better business decisions. 

With AI-powered social listening from Sprinklr, brands can filter signals from noise to learn what their customers want... and where competitors fall short. They can explore volumes of data by building relevant queries manually, or by leveraging out-of-the-box templates built on 10+ years of hands-on client expertise — and refine listening on the fly to transform real-time or historical, unstructured data into actionable insights that fuel better customer experiences at every touchpoint.

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Activate AI-powered social listening on 30+ digital channels with Sprinklr.

Connect with the Sprinklr Insights experts to discuss your goals and explore how you can:

Listen, learn, and act on untapped insights from global data aggregated from your customers’ preferred channels.

Analyze customer conversations to meet their needs and drive brand loyalty.

Contextualize conversations from more than 200 billion messages across years of historical data.

Listen proactively across 30+ digital and social channels.

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AI-powered social listening tools unlock millions of conversations beyond your preferred brand channels, surfacing data and actionable insights across social media, messaging, chat, review sites, and much more.

Identify brand risks instantly to reduce response time by up to 70%.

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Sprinklr’s AI-based crisis detection picks up on sudden changes or anomalies in online activity at very earliest stages — and alerts your team via emails and mobile notifications, so you can respond more quickly.

Gain unlimited insights from 200 billion historical messages.

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Advanced query building and Entity filters allow you to dig into historical messages across X, formerly Twitter, news, blogs, and forums dating back to July 2014.

McDonald's Logo

How McDonald’s keeps their customers lovin' it.

Driving growth with data

With Sprinklr Insights, McDonald’s collects customer data across 30+ digital channels — and leverages it to drive creativity, growth, efficiency, and competitive advantages.

Building better experiences

Sprinklr helps McDonald’s put customers at the center of their business decisions by listening to them in real-time across social, digital, and messaging channels.

Protecting the brand

McDonald’s uses smart alerts across its business units to keep everyone up-to-date on potential brand headlines and important customer feedback.

Sprinklr Named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Social Suites, Q3 2021

Sprinklr is recognized as a Leader in Social Suites by Forrester Research, for the ability to deliver “across all social media needs at equal depth — listening, customer service, organic publishing, and advertising — plus some secondary social products like influencer management and employee advocacy.”

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"Sprinklr Can Do It All"

“We leverage Sprinklr for general listening, benchmarking, and research, and then turn those insights into visualizations through the Display module. We also leverage Presentations to provide real-time updating reports for internal stakeholders. We're able to understand not only what's being said about us, but what our competitors are doing from content performance to their customer response times.”

- Review on TrustRadius

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