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Unlock the power of conversations with real-time social listening

Understand unstructured data from online and traditional channels, uncover insights, share reports and take action, all within a single platform.
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The world's leading brands trust Sprinklr Insights 


Comprehensive social listening powered by industry-leading AI


Industry-leading data coverage to capture critical conversations

Access the largest repository of publicly available unstructured data. Monitor 30+ social and digital channels in real time to unlock trends and long-term insights.


Best-in-class AI accuracy powered by patented capabilities

Unlock in-depth insights with the combined power of Sprinklr’s specialized AI and Generative AI. Get insights faster with industry-best accuracy across sentiment, emotions, entity identification and text classification. 

Built for speed and scale for enterprise-grade listening Icon

Built for speed and scale, for enterprise-grade listening

Analyze petabytes of data and drive billions of predictions daily. Get comprehensive and accurate insights with real-time data categorization and reporting without sampling.

Turn data into action with AI-powered social listening

Capture ALL conversations that matter to your brand

Access billions of customer conversations across 30+ social and digital channels. Ensure lossless and real-time data capture with firehose access to 10+ channels. Monitor user-generated content and visual brand mentions on images, videos and more.

Capture ALL conversations that matter to your brand

Unlock insights in real time

Automatically surface themes, trends and anomalies from billions of data points with Sprinklr AI. Detect logo usage across visual formats like GIFs, images and videos. Drive greater efficiency with granular and actionable insights powered by generative AI.  

Unlock insights in real time

Benchmark against competition

Compare your social performance, executive and influencer presence against competitors. Track key brand KPIs, including brand awareness, share of voice and CSAT across all major social channels. Leverage out-of-the-box dashboards to get started immediately.

Benchmark against competition

Protect brand reputation and proactively manage crises

Detect crises and emerging issues by listening across channels and analyzing conversations and media. Mitigate brand reputation risks with real-time crisis alerts and automated workflow management.

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Effortlessly create and share reports

Share real-time intelligence within and outside of your organization. Leverage out-of-the-box (OOTB) reports and extensive customization capabilities to ensure insights are easily consumed. Automate report creation and distribution with robust scheduling and exporting capabilities.  

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