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Les plus grandes marques font confiance à Sprinklr
Spot audiences by their interests and affinities in 30+ areas.

With Sprinklr Insights’s advanced analytics, you can identify and capitalize on critical demographic and behavioral insights — like preferences in media, sports, products, and other interests — to get a better understanding of your audience and what they care about.

Tune into targeted listening on audience panels — with custom segments.

Create custom audience segments off of social signals, audience profiles, and engagement metrics (follower count, likes, and shares). Once segmented, you can zoom in on what holds audiences together to identify and target relevant audience tribes.

Act fast with eight pre-built dashboards built for multiple business needs.

Instant audience studies surface potential brands you can partner with for greater impact. You can also leverage these insights to identify the right influencers, prospects, and brand loyalists who can give you a competitive edge.

How can audience insights generate a customer study in five minutes?

With the proliferation of social media channels, the rules of engagement have changed. Billions of customer conversations in real time have created an ocean of unstructured data. For marketers trying to make sense of this data — from trending topics to who people follow and what content they engage with — it can be overwhelming. Here’s how audience intelligence can help: it gathers insights from social signals, audience profiles, and engagement metrics — including follower count, likes, and shares — and identifies lookalike audiences. Brands can then target relevant audience tribes with the next best experience, a better product offering, and personalized content. In fact, 79% of customers won’t consider an offer unless it’s personalized for them.

With audience insights from a unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform, brands can target the right audience at the right time, uncover new business opportunities, and drive higher revenue in record time.

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Discover what makes your audience different with Sprinklr Audience Insights.

Connect with the Sprinklr Insights experts to discuss your goals and explore how you can:

Instantly discover your customers’ affinities, interests, and preferences based on what they read, watch, and listen to — and who and what they follow online.

Reduce costs with custom audience segmentation that brings you deeper insights into crucial audience groups.

Understand audiences who highly engage with your competitors and on specific content themes — and leverage those insights to implement strategies that increase customer mindshare.

Get real-time insights into how audiences engage with your content and brand.

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Discover what matters most to your audience by gathering insights from social signals, audience profiles, and engagement metrics — including follower count, likes, and shares — and identifying audience affinities based on product, sports, and media consumption.

Customize your social strategy for custom audiences.

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How can brands find their audience among 150+ million people on X, formerly Twitter alone? With Sprinklr’s advanced and flexible targeting capabilities, brands can now create custom audience segments based on network graphs, posted content, social profiles, social engagement metrics, geo-location, and more.

Discover 2-3X the insights and opportunities to grow your business.

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Boost your marketing efforts by turning audience profiles in any segment into profile lists for in-depth audience reports and insights.

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How one of the world’s largest technology companies achieved 80% audience inclusion accuracy.

Created valid and verifiable audience segments to implement across datasets

Microsoft leveraged Audience Insights to build queries to listen to all levels of developers and their interests. These queries capture and group together profiles based on what’s defined in the user profile.

Aligned social intelligence audience methodology

Our AI-powered intelligence identified and grouped social media users by analyzing social media behavior and content, isolating and scoring against the most used signals. This helped Microsoft identify the most engaged members within a group.

Drove actionable social intelligence insights to further business goals

Sprinklr’s Unified-CXM platform provides all of this AI-powered analysis on one convenient dashboard — which helped Microsoft save not only time but money by instantly capturing targeted, actionable audience insights.

Sprinklr nommé leader dans l’étude The Forrester Wave™ : Social Suites, T3 2021

Sprinklr est reconnu comme leader des Social Suites par Forrester Reacher pour sa capacité à offrir « au niveau de tous les médias sociaux de façon homogène : de l’écoute, un service client, des publications organiques et des publicités, ainsi que des produits sociaux secondaires comme la gestion des influenceurs et les employés ambassadeurs. »

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« Sprinklr est une bonne solution pour les grandes entreprises »

 « Dans notre entreprise, nous gérons plusieurs canaux dans plusieurs États, et chaque canal a une audience et une voix uniques. Sprinklr facilite la gestion des médias sociaux et le suivi des métriques. »

– Avis sur G2

Trois étapes pour transformer votre expérience client grâce aux insights alimentés par l’IA

Votre clientèle exige une expérience personnalisée en temps réel sur ses canaux numériques préférés. Découvrez comment combiner l’écoute sociale et l’IA pour transformer de grandes quantités de données clients non structurées en informations puissantes et exploitables.


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