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Unlock a 360-degree view of competitors across social platforms

Benchmark your social performance against competition and monitor influencers across 8 social channels.
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The world’s leading brands trust Sprinklr Insights 


Comprehensive competitive insights powered by industry-leading AI

Accelerate time-to-value with out-of-the-box dashboards

Compare brand KPIs across competitors by leveraging 10+ pre-built dashboards on topics like content strategy, influencer strategy and executive mentions.

Go beyond social engagement metrics and number of posts

Identify and compare your competitors’ top posts, content themes, tones, channels, media mixes, customer sentiments, audience behaviors and more.

Set up alerts effortlessly and share reports in seconds

Automate report creation and share across teams using scheduling and exporting capabilities. Set up alerts to get notified in case of spikes or dips in key metrics.

Eliminate manual effort in monitoring and benchmarking against competition

Monitor competition, executives and brand ambassadors on brand KPIs, including brand awareness, share of voice, customer engagement and satisfaction.

Benchmark against competition

Save hundreds of hours spent on collating and analyzing data. Benchmark your brand based on KPIs such as engagement, reach, follower count and more.

Benchmarking Competition

Monitor competition across key channels

Track your competitors’ social media activity across 8 social channels and 400K+ social profiles by using AI-powered listening.

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Track executive mentions and compare against competitors

Benchmark the social presence of executives from your organization against executives from competitors’ organizations.

Benchmarking Executive

Measure influencer impact and ensure compliance

Measure the impact of your influencer programs and ensure influencers publish on-brand content.

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