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If you’re not sure if your digital marketing is working… it’s not.

Fact: most brands spend more on digital marketing than traditional marketing. Also a fact: most brands are terrible at measuring the success of their digital spend. Conclusion? Most brands are probably wasting money.


of companies can’t quantitatively show the impact of their marketing spend in the long run.

The CMO Survey, 2020

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Sprinklr is trusted by the world's biggest brands

Now you can prove the value of your digital spend.

74% of consumers follow brands on social media. Sprinklr Marketing makes it easy to use these channels to build relationships – and track your ROI every step of the way.

Better content = better sales.

With AI-powered insights, your team can build compelling content that delivers personalised experiences at scale – across all channels, markets and business units.

More content. Less time and cost.

Unlock the power of agile marketing with automated workflows – so your teams can produce more content faster and have it work more effectively than ever before.

Protect your brand’s reputation.

Off-brand or unauthorised marketing activity can put your reputation at risk. With enterprise-grade auditable governance structures, approval processes and global compliance frameworks, you can eliminate that threat – and deliver a consistent experience at every touchpoint.

Maximise your ROAS.

Ready to actually feel good about your return on ad spend? Our AI uses real-time voice-of-the-customer insights and dynamic first-person audience data to help your team deliver personalised, compelling social content – and optimise your campaign performance.

Improve productivity and performance.

Spend less time on process and more on production with collaboration tools that automate repeated workflow tasks across all channels. You can also compare your performance with benchmarks in real time on our Reporting Dashboard and shift strategies to optimise it.

Stay in control. Always.

With enterprise-grade governance structures, you can establish complete approval-based budgetary control – and instantly stop advertising across all channels during PR crises.


reduction in cost-per-click


improvement in campaign performance


improvement in ROAS

Product - Marketing - Drive more sales with better content

Drive more sales with better content.

This is how process, strategy and creativity turn prospects into customers.

Tracking down old assets? That can be challenging – unless you’re using Sprinklr’s unified repository to store and manage them all in one place. We make it simple to share assets with your team and partners, and create asset performance reports to analyse content strategies and campaign creatives.

Reduce content production costs.

Streamline, simplify and sharpen your approach to deliver better results – for less.

Use a true business Process Engine to build, manage and track an automated flow of sequential tasks, due dates and milestones – including review and approval cycles.

Product - Marketing - Reduce content production costs
Product - Marketing - Protect your brand’s reputation

Protect your brand’s reputation.

Mitigate risk by keeping everyone – and everything – running in perfect sync.

Make collaboration your foundation with teammates across the platform, using @mentions, notes, tasks, annotations, red-lining and customisable notifications that end all those back-and-forths via email and other systems.


How Siemens reduced costs and drove efficiency.

Driving sales with better content

With Sprinklr Marketing, Siemens creates and publishes more than 5,000 pieces of content per month across more than 30 digital channels – driving valuable customer and prospect engagement.

Reducing the cost of content

With Sprinklr-powered planning, collaboration, campaign analytics and AI-driven budget optimisation, Siemens saw a 50% reduction in production costs.

Ensuring brand consistency

Siemens leveraged Sprinklr’s enterprise-grade governance to deliver harmonious planning, production and publishing across the entirety of their marketing and advertising efforts.

2020 Customer’s Choice for Social Marketing Management

Sprinklr was recognised as a 2020 Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice for Social Marketing Management based on feedback and ratings from Sprinklr customers.

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Leader in Gartner’s Content Marketing Platform Magic Quadrant, Q1 2020

'Sprinklr has built on its strong social foundations to support marketing... and focused its AI improvements to support the speed and scale of delivery across use cases.'

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