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Uncover actionable intelligence from 100% of customer conversations

Analyze every interaction across all channels with conversational analytics. Gather useful insights by analyzing unstructured public data on 30+ social and digital channels.
Uncover actionable intelligence from contact center conversations

Gain the ability to ‘act in the moment’ with the generative-AI-powered Insights Hub

No more manual analysis of reports. Use generative-AI-powered suggestions for optimal actions on conversational intelligence — like impact analysis, top trends and more.

Say goodbye to manual report analysis

Easily detect root causes, anomalies, trends and top impact factors on key contact center metrics. Leverage AI for recommendations on the next best action based on these insights.

Say goodbye to manual report analysis

Gain persona-relevant insights on your engagement

Enable an insights view with persona-specific information. Track these insights consistently and seamlessly collaborate with your global teams.

Gain persona-relevant insights on your engagement

Go multiple levels deeper into each contact driver

Drill down into each contact driver to not only understand the attributes and the reasons but also the detailed descriptions of the root causes of that contact driver, with recommendations for taking the best action.

Drill-down for Descriptions

Gather hidden insights from every single customer conversation

Unlock insights on why customers are contacting you with data across 30+ channels to reduce your contact center volumes.

Identify top issues and trending topics

Understand why your customers are reaching out. Discover trending topics as well as variations on customer intents and sentiments across 100% of your conversation data.

Identify top issues and trending topics 

Uncover leading factors impacting your critical metrics

Get a clear picture of what influences your contact center metrics the most. Identify these factors for critical metrics like CSAT, AHT and NPS with our impact analysis tool.

Uncover leading factors impacting your critical metrics

Gain insights from the voice of the customer (VOC)

Spot common themes and phrases in customer conversations and quickly detect unidentified contact drivers.

Gain insights from Voice of Customer 

Optimize support processes and improve agent performance

Get real-time alerts and actionable recommendations to improve your operational efficiency and boost agent performance.

Notify supervisors with alerts on live conversations

Analyze live interactions to spot potential issues, like missed SLAs by a team/region or interactions with low predicted CSAT, and auto-alert supervisors with Sprinklr AI.

Notify supervisors with alerts on live conversations

Reduce average handle time (AHT) and repeat calls

Identify issues that take the longest to resolve and the ones with the most repeat conversations, and identify areas of improvement for better performance.

Reduce average handle time (AHT) and repeat calls

Grade the quality of conversations

Score all conversations based on various quality and compliance parameters, and gain AI-powered reasoning behind those scores.

Improve agent efficiency at scale 

Forget multiple solutions by switching to a single, powerful speech-analytics platform

Get a complete picture of your contact center performance by unifying data analytics from all sources and languages into one platform.

Transcribe 20+ languages in real time

Transcribe conversations with over 85% accuracy through Sprinklr's in-house automatic speech recognition (ASR). Accurately differentiate between the agent and customer responses in mono as well as stereo calls for better understanding.

Transcribe in real time in 20+ languages

Redact sensitive data automatically 

Ensure compliance with industry standards like PCI and HIPAA, and reinforce data privacy by masking sensitive data, like PII or payment details, across all channels.

Redact sensitive data automatically 

Integrate data between any source and destination

Deploy Sprinklr as a wrapper on your existing contact center infrastructure and integrate all your data sources. Export data and insights to any other platform or app with simple plug-and-play connectors.

Integrate data between any source and destination

Take a sneak peek into case details and agent resolution

Learn all the critical details about a case at a single glance. Get a quick snapshot of the case, assigned agent, executed actions and resolution for better context in future interactions.

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