Sprinklr ServiceConversational Analytics

Improve CSAT by 200% with Sprinklr’s Conversational Analytics

Leverage Sprinklr’s AI-driven technology which evaluates 100% of your conversations to gain real-time actionable insights on product, process & agent performance
Conversational Analytics Dashboard

Uncover the reasons for customer dissatisfaction

Leverage insights on why customers are contacting you from data across 30+ channels to reduce your contact center volumes

Top Contact Drivers

Impact Analysis

Voice of Customer

Identify Top Issues & Trending Topics

The average contact center samples less than 1% of calls. Discover trending Topics & variations on customer intents & sentiments across 100% of your conversation Data

Top Contact Drivers

Improve Response Times to Critical Issues

Get actionable real-time alerts and recommendations for fixing the product & process gaps and drive better CX for your customers

Real-Time Alerts

Reduce Handling Time

Automated QM

Get alerted as soon as the CX issue is observed

Sprinklr AI analyzes live data to spot problems in need of attention  — such as missed SLAs by a team or region, or interactions with low predicted CSAT — and generates automatic alerts for supervisors.

Real-time alerts

Unified Analytics from all your Data

Get a complete picture of your contact centre performance by unifying data analytics from all sources and languages in one platform

Real-time Transcription

PCI Compliance

Plug & Play

Real-time Transcription of Voice Data

Sprinklr's in-house automatic speech recognition (ASR) offers transcription in over 20 languages with a high accuracy of over 85%. It can accurately differentiate between the agent and customer speech in mono as well as stereo calls.

Real-time Transcription

Trusted by the world’s biggest brands

cDiscount brand
Increase in CSAT score by 15%

"We want our customers to feel heard and supported. Sprinklr provides us with a unique platform that allows us to improve each customer experience while giving our agents the opportunity to become top performers."

Louis Brun-NeyDirector of Customer ServicesCdiscount

Next-gen platform for a future-ready contact center

Quality ManagementUncover actionable insights with Sprinklr’s AI-powered quality management
Agent AssistAgent Assist
Conversational AI PlatformOmni-channel AI chatbots & voicebots
Analytics and ReportingReporting
Inbound VoiceInbound contact center
Outbound VoiceOutbound contact center
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