Active Data Retention

Store customer data from 30+ channels securely — for up to 84 months.

When it comes to your customer data, real time is just the beginning. Active Data Retention gives you control over data storage on the Sprinklr platform — by type and storage length, from, 12-84 months — so you always have full access to the data you need to stay compliant; fuel historical and trend reporting; and optimize future campaigns with insights from past performance.


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Stay on top of regulatory requirements.

Requirements like GDPR, FINRA, and CCPA regulate how long certain types of data must be kept available — and which types must be purged.  Active Data Retention can help you stay compliant across 30+ channels.

Use historical data to address key operational needs.

Historical reporting, YoY analysis, past case history reviews, and trend analysis are almost impossible with only 12 months of data. Access up to 84 months’ worth — and perform the strategic analysis to drive better performance.

Optimize campaigns with years of customer data.

Historical data — not just of previous campaigns, but of trends in customer engagement, activity, and interests — can give you the insights to craft more targeted and effective strategies for new initiatives.

Why is an active data retention policy a critical part of any enterprise’s digital strategy?

Every day, consumers generate billions of data points across digital and social channels. Being able to capture and interpret all of that data is one challenge. Having a plan for how to handle it afterwards — from both a regulatory and strategic standpoint – is another.

That’s why so many enterprises are building policies around a robust, unified active data retention solution. With Sprinklr, they can combine the ability to bring customer data from 30+ modern channels together on a single platform with active data capabilities that ensure compliance with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, or FINRA — making it easy for companies to keep (or purge) specific data types within regulated timeframes. Active data retention and maintenance also supports operational and budgetary initiatives, by facilitating historical analysis, trend reporting, and marketing or advertising campaign optimization.

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Store and manage customer data for up to seven years with Sprinklr Active Data Retention.

Connect with our experts to discuss your specific use cases, and discover how retaining and managing years of valuable customer data on Sprinklr can help you:

Uncover business trends and patterns that drive proactive resource alignment, better customer service, and revenue growth.

Capitalize on a richer dataset to increase AI model performance and usability.

Reduce your exposure to risk through adherence to internal and external data retention requirements.

Optimize business performance with a custom extended data retention policy.

When it comes to storing and purging customer data objects, one size does not fit all. Sprinklr helps enterprises build customized data retention policies that allow you to adhere to multiple compliance requirements for different active data types — while reducing your storage footprint.

Unlock data retention that flexes to fit your needs
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