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Gain control over ad comments, drive up productivity and unlock higher engagement

Manage comments on paid posts at scale without manual effort. Moderate and manage testimonials, product feedback, and urgent customer service queries that would otherwise go unnoticed.
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The only platform built for unified paid and organic engagement

Replace multiple tools with one unified platform

Unified platform

Streamline campaign planning, execution and engagement across paid and organic initiatives, all under one roof. 

Manage all your channels from a single place

Broad channel coverage

Paid social media comment moderation across 5+ social channels, with unified reporting across paid and owned media. 


Enterprise-grade governance

Centralized global governance and compliance frameworks, complete with access control, approval workflows and audit trails.

Improve brand health and engagement with ad comment moderation

Streamline paid and organic engagement

Centralize comment moderation into a single dashboard without having to track activity on paid posts manually. Leverage custom workflows and AI to triage and reply to comments without skipping a beat. Get comprehensive analytics across paid, owned, and earned data.

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Leverage enriched tagging and a powerful rule engine

Map incoming comments to accurate ad metadata, and provide your teams full context so they can send out meaningful responses. Automate timely action by setting up rules to automatically detect negative or positive comments, and delegate them to the right team. Hide comments that contain specific keywords or alert relevant teams to pause campaigns that are at risk.

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Triage and route messages accurately with AI

With Sprinklr’s AI-powered message categorization and sentiment detection, enable timely triaging, routing and engagement for incoming ad comments. Close the loop on customer support queries and ensure that sales teams get notified about potential leads. Meet compliance requirements and SLAs, and ensure brand-friendly replies.

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Enrich audience profiles for better engagement

With Audience Profiles in Sprinklr, capture data about how each user interacts with your brand content, enriching these profiles with every interaction. Use these profiles for better personalization and targeting in subsequent campaigns.  

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What powers Sprinklr’s ad comment moderation platform?

Integration via Advertising APIs

Seamless integration across 5+ social channels, enabling teams to manage and respond to comments under dark posts.

Unified Engagement Dashboards

Single-screen view across organic and paid posts, to provide your teams the right context and tools to deliver the best customer experience.

Advanced Message Tagging

Simplified message tagging for accurate identification of message intent, sentiment and source campaign.

Powerful Rule Engine

Advanced rule engine to automate triaging, routing and responding to incoming comments.

Turn marketing effort into measurable business impact

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Improve ROI

Improve marketing ROI by tapping into engagement and conversion opportunities within dark posts. 

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Elevate Community Management

Perform community management and customer engagement efficiently at scale. 


Protect Brand Health

Protect brand health and avert crises by monitoring customer reactions to dark posts.