Data alone isn't enough. Drive more accurate insights with custom AI models — without coding.

With Sprinklr AI Studio, Sprinklr Insights customers can easily create custom AI text classification models without engineering or coding. That puts the power to create the most fine-tuned filters for actionable mentions and messages in your hands — with accurate results you can apply across your full enterprise, from sales to marketing to care.


of board members view AI as one of the biggest game-changers for customer experience.


Product - Platform - Harness the power of AI, train it with your data, and start getting results — without writing code.
Sprinklr is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands
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"Sprinklr AI Studio really enabled our team to create a unified, one-stop shop for organizing and responding to customer questions, and we’re thrilled with the value their listening AI has provided in identifying trends and additional engagement opportunities. Plus the dashboarding feature allows us to elicit actionable insights to improve productivity which help us deliver a better customer experience."

Microsoft Azure Customer Experience Team

Drive meaningful, AI-powered insights with 80+% accuracy.

Sprinklr’s customizable text classification models empower your teams to filter and categorize messages — so you can capture more of the  meaningful listening, reporting, and engagement results that drive critical brand, business, and operational insights.

Save time and improve business efficiency by up to 40%.

Sprinklr’s custom AI models replace labor-intensive manual work, expanding your capacity to analyze messages at scale while saving time and increasing your efficiency — which, together, can help boost profitability by an average of 38%.

Leverage an AI experience so intuitive your team can actually use it.

Sprinklr AI Studio gives your team a thoughtful, easy to use experience that allows them to create hyper-specific text classification models from scratch. It even surfaces model accuracy metrics before you deploy — so you can strategize, iterate, and drive stronger results.

How can customized AI models increase team productivity by up to 40%?

The task of classifying and managing messaging tags from a wide spectrum of digital and social channels is cost-prohibitive, time-consuming, and — for more businesses — virtually impossible without artificial intelligence. The solution: sophisticated, easy-to-customize AI models powered by a unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform.

Sprinklr’s custom text classification models help teams address a wide range of use cases by training AI to automatically categorize up to millions of mentions from 30+ modern channels —creating a powerful competitive advantage by refining text analytics, prioritizing focus, and capturing and surfacing the insights to make mission-critical decisions.

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Take ownership of your AI models with Sprinklr AI Studio.

Connect with the AI experts at Sprinklr to discuss your goals and explore how you can:

Classify listening mentions for Sprinklr Service more effectively by defining the criteria to automatically remove irrelevant messages from agent workstreams — so customer service teams can focus on the cases that require a human touch.

Ensure that your dashboards across the platform — from Sprinklr Insights to Sprinklr Service and Sprinklr Social — are streamlined for accuracy, so you can be confident that your insights on messages and mentions are accurately cataloged and actionable.

Leverage customized results for reporting, engagement, and automation use cases across the Sprinklr platform — so customer service agents, brand analysts, program managers, and research administrators can all take full advantage of insights. 

Create powerful AI models in just hours.

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Elevate your analysis by automatically excluding irrelevant messages, categorizing mentions for deeper insights, and addressing other text use cases.

Deploy models flexibly across multiple data sources and languages.

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AI Studio’s flexible deployment options make it easy to pinpoint which languages and sources you want your AI models to process.

Validate AI models — and improve their accuracy.

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Maintain model performance and accuracy as conversations shift over time through dedicated validation and approval workflows.

How one of the world’s leading technology companies leveraged custom AI models to reduce operational effort and achieve 85%+ AI model accuracy.

Filtering out irrelevant data with leaner categorization

Before Sprinklr AI Studio, their issue queues were filled with irrelevant messages — most focusing on the common term their brand name was drawn from, rather than the brand itself. This “brand disambiguation” required AI text classification to filter meaningful signals from noise.

Reducing labor-intensive manual work

With Sprinklr AI Studio, the team stopped maintaining keywords, queries, and themes, and instead created a custom text classification AI model to automatically filter out irrelevant messages and eliminate the need for manual approvals.

Sharing critical findings with templated executive reports

With Sprinklr AI Studio, the brand’s engagement team was able to easily leverage the output of AI models in their executive reports — minimizing the time and effort to access and share actionable insights.

Sprinklr Named Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Social Listening Platforms, Q4 2020

Forrester Research evaluated 10 vendors based on 36 criteria — Sprinklr received among the highest scores in the criteria of data, setup, performance, supporting services, and revenue.

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“Sprinklr Good for Large Companies”

“Sprinklr makes social media management and tracking metrics easy. At our company, we manage multiple channels across several state, and each channel has a unique audience and voice”

- Review on G2

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