Sprinklr ServiceOmnichannel Survey

Track customer satisfaction across 100% of conversations on all channels

Use Sprinklr’s omnichannel surveys to gather customer feedback across channels & fill in the missing gaps with AI powered CSAT predictions
Omnichannel Surveys Dashboard

Create effective surveys with zero code

Leverage a survey builder interface and customize it to match with your brand guidelines.

Scalable Surveys

Seamless customisation

Responsive design

Create a single survey which can work across channels

Sprinklr’s unified surveys can be created centrally and used across channels. It is automatically optimized to meet specific channel requirements

1.1 Surveys

Send surveys to multiple channels

Increase survey responses by customizing surveys based on customer preferred channel nuances

Standalone surveys

Conversational surveys

Survey prompts

Send links which opens as a standalone survey page

Survey links can be send directly to customers or can be embedded as an iFrame on a website or a mobile application as a webview

2.1 Surveys

Gain predictive intelligence with AI

Leverage AI to analyze survey responses to predict CSAT, escalations and sentiment of the customers

Sentiment prediction

CSAT prediction

Escalation prediction

Predict phrase level sentiments on messages

Use Sprinklr AI to predict phrase level sentiments on customer messages across channels and message types including chat, email, voice, etc.

3.1 Surveys

Get actionable customer satisfaction reports

Create customisable reports, combine agent performance and audit metrics and create live executive presentations which are updated in realtime

Customisable reporting

Unified audit reports

Live presentations

Create unlimited number of reports on survey results

Create reports using drag and drop report builder to monitor customer satisfaction across channels and languages centrally. Use flexible drill down capabilities to isolate the root cause of a CSAT dip

4.1 Surveys

Next-gen Platform for a future ready contact centre

Social Media ChannelsManage 15+ social media channels
Live ChatEmbed personalised livechat on website & app
Inbound VoiceInbound contact center
Outbound VoiceOutbound contact center
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