Sprinklr ServiceSupervisor Console

Boost team productivity by upto 20% with Sprinklr’s supervisor console

Sprinklr’s fully customisable supervisor console offers real-time insights into team performance, allowing you to coach agents, manage escalations, and operate the team efficiently.
Supervisor Console Dashboard

Real-time monitoring of your team performance

Monitor and track volume trends, customer satisfaction, agent performance, and team utilization metrics across digital and voice channels in a centralized location.

Queue Monitoring

Campaign Monitoring

AI-powered Alerts

See what your agents are working on

View current status, assignments, backlogs, callbacks and realtime performance metrics of your agents across different queues.

1.1 SC F

Communicate with your teams to get things done faster

Engage with your team, collaborate, provide real time guidance, and share information on business and operational changes.

In-platform chat

Real time intervention


Communicate with your team regardless of their work location

Leverage the in-platform chat capability to have one on one interactions with agents to guide them, or form group chats to enable peer-to-peer learning and collaborative problem-solving

2.1 SC F

Increase operational efficiency of your team

Manage your team schedule to ensure that your agents are energized and available throughout the day

Upskill agents

Staffing & scheduling

Operations Managment

Identify skill gaps and train your agents

Use AI audits to identify skill gap of agents, and then automatically assign relevant learning content to address those skill gaps.

3.1 SC F

Benefit from Sprinklr’s integrated service capabilities

Leverage Omni-channel service functionalities to augment your live chat customer experience

Reporting & Analytics

Quality Management

Manage Governance

Operational Supervisor Reports

Analytics and Reporting Comprehensive analytics and report builder to create custom dashboards to monitor your teams performance in real time across different queues and campaigns


Next-gen Platform for a Future Ready Contact Centre

Conversational AnalyticsReal-time actionable insights over 100% conversations
Analytics and ReportingReporting
Quality ManagementUncover actionable insights with Sprinklr’s AI-powered quality management
Agent AssistAgent Assist
Conversational AI PlatformOmni-channel AI chatbots & voicebots
Inbound VoiceInbound contact center
Outbound VoiceOutbound contact center
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