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Deliver super-fast customer support and effortless self-service

Leverage Sprinklr’s Knowledge Base to facilitate seamless information creation, collection, organization, analysis, discovery and optimization.
Deliver super-fast customer support and effortless self-service

Empower customers to resolve issues by themselves

Surface knowledge base content easily in different channels and languages.

Empower your bots with a knowledge base

Integrate conversational bots into your knowledge base to access and learn from your content — and easily resolve standard customer queries while also clearing your ticket queue.

Bot Support

Optimize knowledge base articles for search engines

Increase article discoverability with Sprinklr’s Knowledge Base. It automatically adds structured data in the form of schema to ensure your pages are search engine optimized.


Create and manage content localization

Add localized and translated copies of knowledge base articles easily. Switch languages seamlessly for agents and customers based on context with Sprinklr’s intuitive interface.

Responsive Design

Maximize agent productivity with an internal knowledge base

Enable agents to handle more cases, reduce average handling time and ensure brand compliance.

Instantly surface relevant articles with AI+

Equip your agents with generative AI-powered content recommendations from Smart Comprehend that align with customer intent and conversational context.

Smart Reco

Share relevant information with customers

Enable your agents to efficiently share article URLs or copy specific text blocks from articles, helping customers with fast and accurate resolution.

Info Distribution

Reduce agent onboarding time with relevant articles

Get agents up to speed quickly with step-by-step guidance and relevant information from multiple systems.

Reduce agent onboarding time with relevant articles

Improve your knowledge base with actionable insights

Capture real-time insights on agent and customer activity from a single knowledge base across all channels.

Gain insights on your content performance

Create consolidated reports across different channels easily with Sprinklr’s unified platform to analyze performance and spot improvement opportunities.

Content Improvement

Drive continuous improvement

Leverage agent feedback on suggested knowledge base articles to determine the most helpful ones and enhance future suggestions.

Drive continuous improvement

Incorporate customer feedback

Consider valuable customer feedback on articles to improve the quality of your knowledge base articles.

Customer Feedback

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