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Reduce costs and resolution time with Guided Workflows

Effortlessly design and set up workflows across your conversational bots, live chat and agent desktop.
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Deliver exceptional customer self-service experiences and improve agent productivity

Enable consistent self-serve experiences across channels

Build guided workflows once and scale their use across communities as well as knowledge base for AI-powered bots across channels.


Design agent experiences without coding

Leverage a no-code drag-and-drop interface to easily design and modify agent UI and workflows.


Identify customer issues and guide agents for faster resolutions

Use AI-powered intent analysis to identify customer intent and issues across channels. Recommend appropriate agent actions with guided workflows to drive efficient and accurate resolutions.


Scale guided workflows across multiple languages

Never build the same guided workflows twice again! Reuse workflows by allowing configurators to download the source file and simply fill in the required translations across languages.


The power of our unified platform

Seamlessly deploy multilingual guided workflows across all your customer-facing channels and agent desktop.

Unified platform architecture

Build guided workflows using the same building blocks as contact routing, ensuring that all customer context from an interaction is passed on from IVR and chatbots to the agent.

Interactive drag-and-drop interface

Design guided workflows for complex conversation scenarios and create a dialog builder within a low-code platform, leveraging readily available building blocks.

Customizable styling

Ensure a consistent and engaging user experience by customizing the visual appearance of guided workflows to align with your brand's identity.

Ticket creation with webforms

Enable collection of all necessary customer information and create tickets in a structured manner.

Off-the-shelf integrations

Make use of over 50 out-of-the-box integrations to gather customer information, initiate real-time API calls to CRMs, and facilitate communications via the customers' channel of choice.

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