Conversational Commerce

Boost conversion rates by up to 10 times with AI-powered conversations

Expand your commerce capabilities across 30+ channels. Leverage best-in-class AI to engage shoppers and boost conversion rates.

Conversational Commerce

The world’s leading brands trust Sprinklr 

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Restore the lost customer intimacy in digital era with AI

Shoppers always seek pre-purchase engagement with businesses. In the digital era, messaging platforms have become instrumental in reviving these dialogues, and with the help of AI, businesses can now personalize these interactions to enhance conversion rates.

Deeper engagement. More conversions.

Drive meaningful conversations and high conversion rates across social platforms, messaging channels, live chat, and video chat – all with a unified AI-powered conversational commerce platform.

Generate a continuous top-of-the-funnel lead flow

Drive more one-on-one conversations with omnichannel campaigns, including offline channels via QR codes. Notifying shoppers about new arrivals, price drops, and re-engage abandoned carts with targeted content.
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The power of a unified platform

Sprinklr’s Conversational Commerce solution is built on a cloud-native platform and is deeply integrated with core contact center workflows.

Seamless transfers

Enable smooth transitions between Conversational AI bots and sales reps, ensuring no loss of conversation context.

Off-the-shelf integrations

Address shopper queries promptly using out-of-the-box integrations like CRM, inventory management system, order management system, and more.

Build once, deploy anywhere

Eliminate the need to redeploy with reusable workflows that can be instantly deployed across 30+ channels and 100+ languages.

Customizable agent desktop

Improve your sales rep productivity by consolidating shopper information, order history, offers and more in one central hub.

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Deliver prompt customer service and increase sales across all digital channels
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Conversational AI
Drive sales, self-service and support with scalable generative-AI-powered bots.
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Scale customer service across 25+ social channels

Big brands drive big impact with Sprinklr

24% conversion rate

A global audio equipment manufacturer achieved a 24% conversion rate on all conversations initiated through proactive prompts on their website during Black Friday.

22% growth in sales

A multinational cosmetic brand increased its sales by 22% by deploying Sprinklr’s Conversational Commerce on click-to-messenger ads.

$7.3M carts activated

A leading audio equipment brand in India activated $7.3M worth of abandoned carts with automated outbound campaigns on WhatsApp, engaging them with Conversational AI bots.

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