Executive Reputation Management

The command center for managing reputation of your executives

Elevate the online presence of your executives with Sprinklr’s AI-powered solution. Get actionable insights and safeguard their reputation with Sprinklr.

Executive Reputation Management

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Proactively manage executive reputation to build trust

CEOs and top leadership play a crucial role in building consumer trust. Social media portrays their reputation; a single negative story can trigger a reputation crisis. Brands must proactively manage their executives' reputation by staying on top of conversations and controlling the narrative.


Master online reputation to drive business growth
Don’t let a reputation crisis hold you back. Conduct thorough due diligence of executives, keep tabs on their peers, and stay ahead of crises with Sprinklr’s Executive Reputation Management solution.
Uncover AI-driven insights and access user-friendly summaries
Sprinklr AI, powered by GPT, amalgamates data from billions of earned channel sources and owned channels to generate actionable insights. Access summarized insights with ease through a seamless feed of easily digestible cards.
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The power of Sprinklr platform

Sprinklr’s Executive Reputation Management solution is tailor-made for executives to uphold their positive online presence.

Ease of set-up

Getting started with the solution is easy. Choose the executives you want to monitor, and Sprinklr AI takes care of the rest by automatically identifying their peers, your competitors, and crisis categories.

Unparalleled AI

Sprinklr AI, powered by GPT, amalgamates data from earned and owned sources to generate insights with up to 90% accuracy.

Easy to use

Say goodbye to complex dashboards. Invest more time in acting on insights through the streamlined insights feed tailored to your needs.

Unmatched channel coverage

Effortlessly integrate 30+ social and digital channels, 400K+ media sources, 1B+ websites, and review sites with owned data to listen to customers in real-time.

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Social Listening
Get real-time market, customer and competitor insights from 30+ channels.
Competitive Insights
& Benchmarking
Competitive Insights and Benchmarking
Benchmark social performance against competition and manage influencers at scale.

Big brands drive big impact with Sprinklr

Improve content strategy

A leading social networking platform improved content strategy of its CEO and senior leadership by analyzing the engagement and sentiment for their published posts and mentions.

Mitigate crisis

A multinational IT services company’s social media analytics team monitors online mentions of their CEO and Chairpersons for insights and anomalies and generates an automated report daily.

Analyze performance

A European premium watchmaker tracks and analyzes the online activities of its 135 ambassadors, examining owned and earned engagement levels and negative conversation themes.

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