Sprinklr ServiceOmnichannel Routing

Improve resolution time by 30% using smart Omni channel routing

Assign Omnichannel interactions to the best-suited agents with AI-powered Unified Routing
Omnichannel Unified Routing Dashboard

Understand your customers better

Use AI and data from multiple integrated systems to understand your customer and the inquiry better.

Data Integrations

Conversational Insight

Automated prioritization

Integrate APIs using a no-code interface

Use easy to build API integrations to access customer data from multiple sources, such as CRM, CDP, and e-commerce platforms, in real-time. This enriched data can help match customers with the right agent for their specific needs.

1.1 UR

Find the best suited agent

Create omni-channel routing logic to assign customers to the best suited agents based on skills, capacity, historic utilisation, etc.

Skill based routing

Dynamic capacity management

AI powered routing

Route queries to the most qualified agents

Identify the required skills for an incoming query, and route to most qualified agent leveraging assignment strategies like round robin quota based, identifying last engaged or least utilized agents etc.

2.1 UR F

Make it operationally easy

Handle fluctuations in case volumes from any channel seamlessly by increasing virtual agent capacity

Unified routing logic

Easy to use UI

Alerts & monitoring

Build the routing logic once and deploy across channels

Create an omni-channel routing logic to cross utilize agents across channels, increasing their utilization without creating channel specific configurations.

3.1 UR F

Next-gen Platform for a Future Ready Contact Centre

Inbound VoiceInbound contact center
Outbound VoiceOutbound contact center
Conversational IVRIncoming call management and handling
Agent ConsoleAgent Console
Conversational AI PlatformOmni-channel AI chatbots & voicebots
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