Achieve 90%+ accuracy with Sprinklr AI

Sprinklr’s specialized AI models drive productivity, better decision-making and more seamless experiences for customer-facing teams.
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Sprinklr AI for Customer Service

Sprinklr Service is powered by AI, driving capabilities ranging from self-service to quality automation, workforce management, omnichannel routing, agent assistance and much more. ​

Agent Assistance​


Contact Center Intelligence


Resolve queries 50% faster with AI-powered Agent Assistance

Improve First Call Resolution by assisting agents with contextual recommendations and relevant information, in real-time. Automate post-call workflows, including case summarization and case disposition.

Agent Assistance​

Sprinklr AI for Marketing

Sprinklr’s marketing suite is powered by industry-best AI, driving insights, interactions, workflows and analytics at scale.

Sprinklr Insights​

Sprinklr Marketing

Sprinklr Social

Get actionable insights in real-time with AI-powered Consumer and Brand Intelligence

Sprinklr’s Unified AI cuts across teams and functions to drive insights to the right stakeholders at the right time, ensuring actionability. Sprinklr AI powers everything from social listening and logo detection to customer feedback management and media monitoring.

Sprinklr Insights​

90%+ Best-in-class accuracy with industry-specific & brand-specific AI

Sprinklr's AI models are explicitly trained on industry and customer-level data to help you get started immediately and accelerate time-to-value​.

Industry-specific Models​

Brand-specific Models​

Continuously Learning Models

Get up and running faster with 750+ pre-built AI models across 60+ verticals

Sprinklr’s out-of-the-box industry-specific AI models enable you to minimize setup time and accelerate time-to-value.


Improve time-to-value by 50% ​ using the same AI across functions

Sprinklr's Unified-CXM platform leverages the same AI across diverse use cases, streamlining data processing and gathering valuable insights effectively.​

Modular, Reusable AI

Omnichannel Experiences​

Cross-functional Collaboration​

Deploy new channels and capabilities faster by reusing AI models across use cases

Build AI applications once and deploy them across multiple use cases. For instance, build intent detection models for social media to power new conversational chatbots.

Build Once, Deploy Anywhere​

What powers Sprinklr’s AI excellence? ​

Sprinklr’s purpose-built AI processes unstructured customer experience data from millions of sources, providing actionable insights and improving productivity for customer-facing teams to deliver exceptional experiences at scale.

Extensive Data Sources​

Patented Proprietary AI Models​

Deep Expertise in ML Technologies

Uncover insights from known and untapped sources to understand your customers​

Sprinklr AI processes unstructured data from 30+ digital channels — including social media and messaging platforms — and millions of publicly available news, blog, and review sites to derive insights and subsequent actions to improve CX.

Extensive Data Sources​

Sprinklr’s commitment to
Responsible AI

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