Surveys. Redefined.

Capture customer feedback effortlessly with Sprinklr’s AI-first Surveys. Say no to complex setup, low response rates and siloed insights.
Surveys. Redefined.

Leverage Generative AI and verticalized AI models to unlock fully automated insights

  • Get accurate and relevant insights with AI-powered phrase detection and verticalized sentiment models.
  • Go beyond dashboard visualizations and generic insights with clear explanations of what happened and why it happened.
  • Proactively detect emerging and unknown customer experience drivers and conversation themes with minimal setup.

Leverage Generative AI Survey

Validate survey results with comprehensive feedback from other channels

  • Combine survey responses with data from social and digital channels, review sites, and service interactions to get a 360° view of customer feedback.
  • Improve reliability of your survey results by validating them against larger datasets from unsolicited sources like social media, customer reviews and service interactions.
  • Use integrated, real-time feedback to swiftly adjust and improve your customer experience programs.

Enhance reliability and accuracy

Combat low response rates and uncover deeper insights with AI-powered conversational surveys

  • Transform your surveys into interactive conversations that keep respondents engaged, leading to higher completion rates and richer insights. 
  • Utilize AI to dynamically tailor questions based on previous answers, uncovering deeper insights and providing clear, actionable feedback. 
  • Enhance the survey experience with visually appealing designs that drive engagement.

Combat low response rates Survey

Streamline survey setup and management with an AI-first approach

  • Generate and edit survey questionnaires effortlessly using simple commands in plain human language. 
  • Leverage AI-powered smart suggestions, based on survey best practices, to build better surveys faster.  
  • Automate survey styling by simply inputting the brand logo or a website screenshot.  

Streamline survey setup
Manage surveys end-to-end with a comprehensive AI-powered solution
Streamline survey creation with AI-powered workflows
Build surveys effortlessly using simple commands in plain language. Leverage customizable templates with question variations, rich text, media support and a range of styles. Efficiently deploy across 150+ languages with built-in translation capabilities.