Experience data visualizations like never before

Get real-time visibility of contact center performance and CX levers with Sprinklr’s Service Command Center.
Command Center Home

Leverage purpose-built, on-brand displays for real-time contact center monitoring

Be on top of KPIs and insights that directly impact CSAT. Track and manage agent and business performance in real time, and drive overall productivity.

Unify reporting for a single source of truth

Get a real-time unified view of voice, digital, social as well as first-party and third-party data from 30+ sources.

Single Source of Truth

Improve responsiveness with prompt visual cues

Transform insights into high-impact visualizations with custom, on-brand layouts. 

Visual Cues

Enable live monitoring with real-time data sync

Empower supervisors and managers with live data to gain real-time insights on traffic, agent availability, alerts on sudden anomalies and more. 

Live Monitoring

The power of our unified platform

Now your contact center intelligence will be real-time, holistic, precise and clearly tied to business outcomes.

Drive governance with secure access management

Establish governance and ensure security with user IP restrictions, Google OAuth and a password-protected Sprinklr login.

Multi-device operability

Experience a command center with displays compatible with all devices – desktop, mobile, tab, laptop or a display wall. 

Remote lens for drilldowns and interactions

Unlock interactive reporting capabilities by seamlessly navigating the command center with a virtual remote on mobile or tablet devices. 

Real-time crisis alerts for supervisors

Continuously monitor critical trend shifts that are relevant to your operations and social data with a scrolling "tickr.” Get alert summaries with real-time notification pop-ups.

Off-the-shelf integrations

Make use of over 50 out-of-the-box integrations to ingest customer and contact center data into the Sprinklr platform and obtain a complete view of interactions at all customer touchpoints.

Visual indicators

Configure intuitive color tags for metrics based on threshold/status values to highlight deviations from defined workflows.