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Unify cross-channel reporting and unlock actionable insights faster

Measure, analyze and optimize your marketing performance across 30+ digital and social channels from a single comprehensive AI-powered dashboard.
Marketing Analytics Hero

The only unified marketing analytics platform built for enterprises

Replace multiple tools with one unified platform

Unified platform

Centralize data and reporting for your paid social and organic campaigns across 30+ channels, including third-party data sources.


Robust taxonomy

Create custom taxonomy for creative assets, campaign setup and analytics to gain insights and make decisions aligned with your goals.


AI-powered ROI boost

Optimize ads and campaign performance with AI-powered smart bidding, dynamic budget allocation and automated pacing control.

Consolidate data across channels and sources

Bring digital and traditional marketing data together

Eliminate data silos and spreadsheets. Get a holistic view of paid and organic marketing data from 30+ online and offline sources.

Unified Cross-channel Reporting

Measure marketing performance in the context of your goals

Align all data and insights to a uniform taxonomy so teams can understand how campaign-level outcomes measure up to business goals.

Business-specific Metrics

Access full-funnel analytics by pulling data from key sources

Integrate web analytics and third-party data from sources such as CRM and CDP for robust full-funnel analytics.

Integrated Data Sources

Discover critical insights faster

Optimize costs and improve ROI

Identify avoidable costs in the campaign lifecycle and improve your return on marketing spend, with insights on content production, usage and performance.

Improved Efficiency

Leverage AI-powered creative insights

Conduct AI-powered content analysis to identify key performance drivers and create campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Insight-led Content

Take a data-driven approach to stay brand compliant

Avoid risk to brand reputation by monitoring campaign sentiment in real time and flagging anomalies for quick course correction.

Brand Risk Management

Operationalize effective reporting

Get the right insight at the right time

Uncover timely performance optimization opportunities across campaign and content levers to drive higher ROI.

Eliminate manual effort in bridging data silos

Reduce data gathering time, minimize manual efforts and eliminate the scope for human error in consolidating metrics from multiple sources.

Reduce delays in flagging key insights to your team

Automate notifications for critical insights and share dynamic reports so teams can make timely changes to campaigns in flight.

Provide teams with secure access to the data they need

Ensure teams can access insights using customizable user and account-sharing capabilities that surface only the most relevant data to each user.

Turn marketing effort into measurable business impact

Save time on data gathering

A global agency saved 45% time on average in campaign analysis and execution, as compared to native channels.

Boost marketing ROI

A multinational financial services company uses Sprinklr to maximize return on ad spend through precise data and technology integrations.

Access data from one platform

SONOS partnered with Sprinklr for a single, reliable source of performance metrics, eliminating manual data pulls and saving time and money.