Improve first call resolution by up to 50% with a cloud-native voice platform

Modernize your inbound contact center with exceptional call quality and advanced AI-powered capabilities for voice from a single window using Sprinklr Unified CCaaS.
Improve CSAT and first contact resolution with a cloud-native voice platform

Strenghthen self-serve with AI-powered Conversational IVR

Enhance your customers' call experience by replacing rigid, impersonal IVR menus with intelligent bots that allow customers to steer conversations.

Connect customers at each touchpoint 

Offer self-serve and enable effortless movement across journeys. Help your customers resume conversations from where they left off and maintain context at all times.

Connect customers at each touchpoint 

Personalize every interaction

Identify callers instantly using strong CRM and CTI integrations. Respond to customers quicker or accurately route them to your best-suited agent.

Extensive Integrations

Deflect seamlessly for faster resolution 

Redirect customers seamlessly from voice to digital and social channels. Use AI-driven insights to resolve queries on live chat and reduce inbound call volume significantly.

Deflect seamlessly for faster resolution 

Harness AI-powered routing capabilities to drive operational efficiencies

Streamline your inbound contact center operations and bring down customer wait times with automated call routing.

Leverage AI to find the ‘right’ agent

Pair your best agent for a specific case with the relevant customer using AI-powered pairing. Conversely, you can also use your traditional routing logic whenever required.

Smart Pairing

Reduce friction and provide quick resolution

Connect customers with agents who have case-specific context. Eliminate the need for customers to repeat themselves and help your agents resolve their queries and close tickets faster.

Contextual Routing

Enhance agent productivity

Manage agent capacities to handle cases across channels simultaneously without causing burnout. Monitor and improve your team’s overall efficiency and maintain SLAs.

Capacity Management

Reduce agent workload by over 50% with a purpose-built unified agent desktop

Create an optimal work environment for agents by bringing 15+ channels and all contact center capabilities onto a unified interface tailored to their needs.

Access all customer conversations and data on one screen 

Empower agents to handle cross-channel cases effortlessly on a single screen. Provide access to a complete view of your customer profiles and historical conversations.  

Access all customer conversations and data on one screen 

Empower agents with real-time assistance powered by Sprinklr AI+

Equip your agents with generative AI-powered nudges to help them resolve customer queries faster. Auto-extract relevant solutions from knowledge base articles, save time with automated call disposition and more.

Empower agents with real-time assistance powered by Sprinklr AI+

Elevate agent experience with a personalized desktop

Eliminate the need for agents to switch between tabs while resolving your customers' queries. Unify all capabilities into one highly customizable and modular screen with numerous powerful widgets.

Purpose built Interface

Elevate agent performance with AI-powered actionable insights

Analyze every single customer interaction with Sprinklr Service to identify opportunities to boost performance, revise processes and innovate products.

Automate service quality evaluation

Use AI-powered quality scores to collect insights and identify areas of improvement for every single agent.

Automate service quality evaluation

Gain broader as well as team-level insights

Evaluate how your teams achieve SLAs on the basis of region, team, product and resolution timeframe to identify the gaps in performance and indicators of success.

Gain broader as well as team-level insights

Gain intelligence from every interaction

Identify the shift in customer sentiment during every interaction. Use these insights to course-correct when required or simply learn from to improve performance.

Draw interaction intelligence

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