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Radical Productivity. Elevated CX. AI-led Innovation.

Autonomous and intelligent AI versions of your brand, teams or employees that can power conversations, make decisions, design workflows, and execute tasks at scale with unmatched speed and efficiency.
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Resolve complex service requests better than any conversational AI bot

  • Leverage autonomous Digital Twins that can make decisions, take approvals on the fly and execute complex tasks.
  • Dynamically route cases to other Digital Twins or humans and seamlessly handover without any loss in context.
  • Personalize customer service at scale with uniquely tailored interactions.


Transform how your teams work with easy-to-implement copilots

  • Boost productivity across every role by automating end-to-end workflows.
  • Help your teams make smarter decisions with real-time assistance and the ability to surface critical information and assets.
  • Drive collaboration and alignment by streamlining processes including project planning and resource allocation and tracking.


Create a Digital Twin in 3 easy steps

Onboard and train your Digital Twin

Determine if the Digital Twin represents your brand, team or an employee. Provide access to relevant training material in the form of website URLs, Knowledge Base articles, Digital Asset Manager, FAQ documents, and other resources. 
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Create an ecosystem of Digital Twins that power unified workflows and eliminate silos


Configure once, deploy across channels and use cases

Unlock unmatched scalability powered by truly headless architecture. Digital Twins adapt their behaviour to the interaction channel and use case, accessing only actions and data relevant to those specific contexts.


Effortlessly deploy new use cases with a no-code workflow

Empower your teams to configure and deploy new use cases with an intuitive no-code workflow. Now everyone can create, customize, and launch digital twins without any expertise in coding or prompt engineering.


Seamlessly integrate with your tools and systems

No more hardcoded integrations. Add custom connectors or integrate with your enterprise tools and systems by simply ingesting API documentation along with credentials and watch the magic unfold.

Go-live faster with 100+ pre-integrated applications

Sprinklr Digital Twin seamlessly integrates with your tools and software so you can hit the ground running. 
*Current Definition Partnership versions may not include all integrations.

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Safeguard your data and mitigate risk with enterprise-grade AI privacy, security and data handling

What data is shared with third-party generative AI vendors?

Only data that is actively entered into Sprinklr AI+ is shared with the third-party vendors supporting the feature. For instance, if you reword a response, only the wording entered to be reworded will be shared with the third-party vendor.


Is data anonymized before being shared?

Sprinklr masks dates and times, email IDs, URLs, IP Addresses, driving licenses, common medical license numbers, etc. Further, Sprinklr’s regex masking capabilities can also accommodate customer-specific requirements around data masking.

Data Masking

Mitigating risk and preventing AI hallucinations

Sprinklr leverages a host of advanced and proprietary capabilities to “ground” the LLM response, including multiple types of guardrails, advanced RAG as well as conversation and jailbreak simulators.

Risk Mitigation