Different Type of Segments


Sprinklr is a social media management and customer experience platform that provides businesses with a comprehensive set of tools for managing their digital presence and engaging with customers. Within Sprinklr, audience segments can be created using various methods to target specific groups of customers. Here are the four types of audience segments available:

1. Audience Lead: This type of segment allows businesses to target individuals or accounts based on their engagement with specific social media content. For example, businesses can create a segment of users who have interacted with a particular post, clicked on a link, or commented on a specific topic. Audience Leads help target users who have already shown interest or engagement with specific content, allowing businesses to deliver more relevant messages and offers.

2. Profile List Based: Profile list-based segments are created by importing lists of user profiles into Sprinklr. These lists can be generated from various sources, such as customer databases, email lists, or CRM systems. By importing these profiles into Sprinklr, businesses can create segments based on specific demographic or behavioral attributes. For instance, a segment can be created for high-value customers or users who have recently made a purchase.

3. Lead Event Based: This type of segment is based on specific events or actions performed by users. Businesses can define triggers and conditions that categorize users into segments based on their behavior. For example, a segment can be created for users who have abandoned their shopping carts, subscribed to a newsletter, or attended a webinar. Lead Event Based segments help businesses deliver targeted messages and interventions based on users' specific actions or behaviors.

4. Smart Segment: Sprinklr's Smart Segment feature leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automatically identify and create segments based on user behaviors and preferences. It analyzes patterns and data across various channels and touchpoints to identify segments that exhibit similar characteristics or behaviors. This allows businesses to target users with personalized content and offers based on their predicted needs and preferences.

These different types of audience segments in Sprinklr provide businesses with the flexibility to create highly targeted and personalized marketing campaigns. By leveraging the power of data and insights, businesses can optimize their messaging and engagement strategies, resulting in more effective customer experiences and improved marketing outcomes.

Creating different types of Segments

1. Navigate to Segment Manager in Campaigns under Voice in Sprinklr Service

2. Create a new segment

3. Name the segment, select its expiry and add adequate values in the dropdown for which the segment is to be computed with the type of segment that would be created is marked on the right hand side of the dropdown

4. Select the operators and save the segment.