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Jaimie Selwa

January 12, 20234 min read

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BSH uses technology to create a culture of community and collaboration

BSH Home Appliances Group (BSH) is the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe and a global leader in the industry. Headquartered in Germany, its eleven brands, which includes Bosch and Siemens, can be found in homes around the world.

As BSH shifts to a more direct-to-consumer model, they went looking for a social media support tool that would enable them to own more customer data and improve and scale customer care. With 285 users, 438 accounts, and 20 brands across more than 30 markets, Julia Reichert, Senior Global Social Media Manager at BSH, wanted to unify social media managers, social care teams, and agencies on one platform — and she wanted a solution that allowed for greater governance, transparency, and collaboration.

“Over the last few years with COVID, we’ve started to drift apart and do our own thing,” she says. “It was clear we needed to create a feeling of community and teamwork. We needed to get everyone who works on social media to have a feeling that we’re all working together.”

Reichert turned to Sprinklr’s unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform. She shared the factors that have contributed to the success of creating a culture of community and collaboration:

Maximizing team productivity

The teams streamlined their workflow by scheduling and publishing organic social media content in one place. With Social Publishing & Engagement, they now use a global editorial calendar, which improves efficiency by enabling collaboration across all social channels. With automated dashboards and one source of truth, teams now easily measure the impact of their campaigns by viewing performance across brands.

Collaborating with data-driven insights

With Sprinklr Insights, BSH is able to surface data and actionable insights from all social and digital channels, including media, messaging, chat, and review sites. Sprinklr’s data ingestion capabilities allow the team to combine data from connected social media accounts with those from external sources to ensure they have a holistic view of their audience and that they never miss a chance to engage with them. Sprinklr’s AI and intelligent workflows are applied to all messages and help build a better experience for their BSH’s customer support agents and customers, while protecting the company’s brand reputation.

Making customers happier while creating internal community

Prior to implementing Sprinklr, social care at BSH was not centralized. Individual brands were operating in silos, best practices were not easily shared between teams, and much of the work was manual.

With Sprinklr Service, BSH’s social media teams and the external agencies that support content creation, community management and paid advertising now all work from a common platform. In most countries where BSH operates, social media support teams are the first responders to customer inquiries. They are now assisted by a suite of AI-powered capabilities, including Skill-based, automated, routing, which uses AI to analyze the customer inquiry, then routes the case to the best agent to handle the case. In Germany, customer support teams are broken into two categories — large appliances and small appliances — and they are trained and get knowledge on the products and brands within the category in which they’re trained. Routing based on their training is a huge advancement over BHS’s previous solution, which required agents to manually research each inquiry to determine who best to route it to.

Agents also benefit from AI-powered canned responses. These are pre-written responses and quick actions based on historical interactions that speed up response times while helping to ease agent workloads and send faster responses to customers. They also ensure BSH agents are communicating with customers in a tone and style that is consistent across the customer support organization. Canned responses enable higher agent efficiency and are particularly helpful when there are spikes in volume.

Reichert’s journey to improve the customer experience, while also creating a culture that fosters engagement and belongingness, is always evolving. Her journey is a familiar one to Sprinklr CEO and Founder, Ragy Thomas. He says we are in an incredibly challenging time for global brands with disparate, remote workers and agencies.

“Focusing on efficient internal collaboration while also meeting customer expectations across digital channels is a growing priority,” says Thomas. “We’re proud to provide the largest manufacturer of home appliances in Europe with a Unified-CXM platform to tackle digital customer experience challenges. Our digital customer service, research, and engagement solutions use advanced AI and automation to help the company focus on what matters most: making customers happier.”

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