Transforming business challenges through imaginative problem solving: Ben Lancaster-Nogueira from Deloitte

Jaimie Selwa

June 22, 20233 min read

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Tell us about yourself and your role at Deloitte. 

I’m a Senior Manager within Deloitte Digital UK and I lead the Sprinklr and Deloitte alliance for the UK.

I’d describe myself as a problem solver that loves working with people and technology to spark innovative ideas aimed at delivering better customer experiences.

Fun fact: I initially wanted to get into creative advertising when I graduated, but upon landing into consulting, I quickly realised that you can use creativity and creative thinking to solve real business problems. I’ve since made it my mission to reduce client spend on advertising by helping them to build trust and long-lasting relationships with their customers through interesting and truly omnichannel experiences.

Tell us about Deloitte

Deloitte is a global professional services company that helps clients with Audit, Tax, Risk/Financial Advisory, Legal and Consulting. Deloitte Digital sits within Deloitte Consulting and is a blend between a digital agency and a business consultancy, focused on helping its clients tackle some of their biggest problems when it comes to digital transformation, service design and innovation. We’ve been working with Sprinklr since 2016 and collaborated with Sprinklr to help clients apply governance, automation and consolidation across their social media landscapes.

In your opinion, what are the key benefits or advantages to working with Sprinklr? 

In my opinion, one of the key benefits to working with Sprinklr is seeing the pace in which innovation and advancement happens within customer experience management. Over the years we’ve seen the focus being on marketing and community management move to automated customer care combined with chatbots and AI. Witnessing Sprinklr’s response to these advancements has helped us understand how tech can solve a client’s experience issues and, how to prepare for a changing customer landscape.

What specific features or aspects of our product/service have impressed you the most and why?

We’ve always been impressed by the level of automation that Sprinklr offers, as well as the platform’s configurability. It continuously helps us to meet client needs and tailor the platform to specific requirements. Lately we’ve also been very impressed with the advancement in the Care offering, and we’re really looking forward to seeing how AI will augment this already advanced product.

Can you share any specific results or outcomes you have achieved as a result of working with Sprinklr?

As a result of working with Sprinklr, we’ve been able to work with clients in solving some of their biggest issues with customer experience management such as global governance, automation and innovating with experiences.

What about Sprinklr sets us apart from others you have tried or considered?

What sets Sprinklr apart from other customer experience management tools or social media management tools would be its ability to execute everything under one tool (from listening to community management to content repository, you name it) which provides further benefits to clients as you can pass messages from client teams within the platform. Another differentiator is the level of investment to innovation in their products and, their ability to listen to clients' needs and change their products to suit changes in the market.

How would you describe the overall value you have experienced with collaborating with Sprinklr?  

For us, the overall value would be in the work that we do together. Social media has become a core component of customer experiences and Sprinklr provides brands with the ability to deliver optimal/innovative experiences in a safe and compliant manner. This means that we as consultants get to support clients in doing ‘fun things’ with experience whilst keeping legal happy!

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