Move over Zendesk. Customer service gets a new meaning with Sprinklr.

Zendesk represents a bygone era in customer support. Amaze your customers with fast, personalized support on all channels with Sprinklr — a disruptor in CX.

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We'll be honest, Zendesk had a good run. But customers today need more than just a helpdesk solution.

Customers expect you to know them, regardless of where they contact you

Expand your reach to 15+ channels. Provide personalized support and listen for feedback so you treat your customers as individuals, not as tickets.

Digital savvy customers demand effective resolutions, delivered fast

Power your CX with the most advanced AI in the industry. Identify support opportunities, predict customer sentiment, and deflect tickets to super-quick chatbots.

Your agents need a change too. Reduce their busy work with more powerful tools.

Declutter your agents’ inboxes with a unified agent console that helps prioritize issues and provides guided workflows to resolve issues faster.


Customer support is moving to social and digital channels. And Zendesk can’t keep up.

Sprinklr Service offers out-of-the-box integrations for every support channel.

Be present on more than 15 channels across traditional, social, messaging, and review platforms to serve customers across regions, age groups, and preferences with Sprinklr Service omnichannel capabilities.

Our AI is 80% more accurate than Zendesk’s

Power up each stage of your support lifecycle with Sprinklr’s AI.

Leverage Sprinklr’s AI to detect spam messages across channels and predict customer sentiment to prioritize issues. Keep your agents focused on high-value tickets by utilizing conversational AI bots.


Zendesk offers limited chatbot sessions. And added 3rd party subscription costs. We don’t.

Provide unlimited resolutions with native bots, priced with your needs in mind.

Deploy AI-enabled and rule-based chatbots across all social, messaging, and digital platforms in a single click and deflect simple queries round the clock without worrying about your subscription cost. With Sprinklr, you enjoy limitless bot sessions and resolutions.


Stay atop conversations with integrated social listening. Beats Zendesk any day.

Listen to your customers on all channels, not just on incoming tickets.

Unlike Zendesk, we believe customers deserve prompt support, wherever they are. Sprinklr’s social listening helps you listen to customer feedback everywhere — on review sites and social media — to proactively deliver moments of delight.

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Predictions per day


Training data points


Businesses & consumers handled by AI per day


Industry verticals and sub verticals


Pre-built AI Models


Customer-specific models


Global languages


Best-in-class accuracy

1000+ industry-specific use cases supported

Sprinklr vs. Zendesk: Features Comparison




Social Listening



Channels Coverage

15+ native channels

11 channels with native and 3rd party integrations

Agent console

Easy-to-use & intuitive

Complex, requires training



On social, messaging, and digital platforms


Few channels

Bots Pricing

Unlimited answers

Charged by answer count

Omnichannel workload assignment

Strong and Elaborate

Robust ticket queue management and capacity-planning

Non-native and primitive

3rd-party app for capacity planning and queue management in beta

Dark mode


3rd-party Chrome 

Industry experts vouch for Sprinklr’s path-breaking products

Sprinklr Service delivers up to 210% ROI

"With Sprinklr, there is no need to make the hard choice between best-of-breed functionality and a single interface."

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“The only way for your business to connect on social. Sprinklr has a simple interface. Love it!”

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Frequently asked questions

Sprinklr is an all-in-one customer support solution, not merely a ticketing solution like Zendesk. Built atop the world’s only unified customer experience management platform and powered by the industry-best AI engine, Sprinklr powers your entire support offering – from proactive to self-serve to agent-led.  

It integrates 30+ traditional and digital channels, including the non-mainstream ones, without requiring external connectors. Sprinklr’s advanced AI can filter out spam messages, tag messages by priority and route them to the best-fit agents – with zero manual effort. With Sprinklr’s zero-code chatbots and generative AI integration, you can deliver quick, personalized and relevant support every time, everywhere.

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