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What if your workplace was a community of high performers who genuinely care? Join a culture where kindness, continuous learning and customer obsession defines our daily journey. 

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Our Culture

Our culture is built around The Sprinklr Way, our way of working, living, and being, with an emphasis on core values that drive a high-performing, kind and caring workplace. We recognize our employees, celebrate their success, and invest tremendously in their learning and development. This means you’ll have opportunities to learn, to be mentored, and grow in your career.  

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Our Vision 
To create a culture in which we embrace one another for who we are.

Our Mission 
To value and respect one another for bringing our whole, authentic selves to work every day. Be yourself. We celebrate YOU. 

The Sprinklr Way

Creating a sense of belonging

Sprinklr’s culture of belonging emphasizes the importance of looking beyond visible differences, recognizing the richness of diverse perspectives, experiences, and values that contribute to a more inclusive and comprehensive understanding of individuals and groups within the workplace.

At Sprinklr, we foster a culture of belonging in everything we do, which means the following: We celebrate individual differences as assets and seek to hear unique perspectives because it helps us all learn and live our values. We seek to understand, and we believe we are stronger when we belong. Belonging collectively makes us more innovative, creative, and successful.

Join our Family

Our goal is to ensure all Sprinklrites feel like they belong, regardless of backgrounds, experiences, gender, race, ethnicity, age, lifestyle preference, or any other category described in our Global Harassment and Discrimination Policy. We fervently believe every employee matters, should be respected and listened to, and should have opportunities to contribute to the magic of Sprinklr. Throughout, this is what a culture of belonging means to us. As we continue our journey, we know that bringing together diverse talent leads to better company-wide innovation, improved financial results, and better decision-making.

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