Building a great company culture

Global Talent

When you join Sprinklr, you join a family of global talent from around the world who are dedicated to making the world a “happyr” place!

At Sprinklr, you will work with some of the best software and AI engineering talent in the world. Your career will be challenging and rewarding with the opportunity for you to be at your best — both personally, and professionally.

The Sprinklr Way. Working. Living. Being.

The Sprinklr Way is our path for working, living, and being. The elements act as guiding principles that unite Sprinklrites all around the world. Click here to read more about our core values and how to live The Sprinklr Way!

Cultural Aspirations

  • We are customer-obsessed.
  • We treat employees like family.
  • We do the right thing always and take extreme pride in who we are, what we build, and what we do.

Core Beliefs

  • People never forget how you make them feel. Be nice.
  • Every human has the potential to be amazing. Keep learning.
  • Helping others succeed makes us happy. Give back.

Core Values

  • It’s OK. Be fearless.
  • Sprinkle, don’t shout. Keep moving forward.
  • Fix it, don’t complain.
  • Never, ever give up. Ever!
  • Passionately, genuinely care.

Leadership Expectations

  • Set high standards. Provide clear direction and me meritocratic.
  • Own the culture — “The Sprinklr Way.”
  • Hire, develop, and enable a diverse, world-class team.
  • Communicate to inspire and engage.
  • Achieve outstanding results.

Operating Principles

  • We have clearly defined outcomes for each team and individual.
  • We are explicit with expected behavior and behavior gaps.
  • We are explicit with required skills and skill gaps.
  • We acknowledge our strengths and gaps.
  • We build on strengths and address gaps with a clear learning plan.
  • We hire for culture.

Best Company Culture

At Sprinklr, we are so dedicated to building the best workforce culture that we changed our name from Human Resources to Culture & Talent.

It’s a simple change that packs a serious message. Our approach as a Culture & Talent function is to improve our culture every day. That means you’ll have opportunities to learn, to be mentored, and to grow in your career. And most importantly, you’ll have fun!

We hire for culture and find the talent that matches our values and beliefs.

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Ready to grow? Ready to learn? Ready to change?

If you are extraordinary at what you do, hunger for a challenge, and are interested in making a contribution that continually makes Sprinklr a better company, you are in the right place.

Read on and embrace our world of endless opportunity!

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