Creating a Rapid Action Insights Network


45 minutes

Today, there is an increased demand on the brand to provide further granularity of data and provide faster speed of information provision across the entire company.  You need to develop a rapid actionable insights network.

Nielsen found that 69% of marketers surveyed say deriving actionable insights from data is moderately, very, or extremely difficult. Hear from Sprinklr’s Head of CX Practice, Vincent Washington, on how you can:

1. Find the right data

        - Where and how are consumers talking to/about us?

        - Which of their other opinions do we need to understand?

        - How do we get granular?

2. Use AI for actionable insights

        - How do we speed up insight discovery?

        - How do we differentiate “interesting” from “critical”

        - What are we missing?

3. Deliver these insights to key stakeholders to create personalized, timely, and relevant consumer engagement

4. Keep your customer’s data safe

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