Every Second Counts: Digital Customer Care for Telecom

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Grad Conn, Andre Truter

30 minutes

With a staggering 64% of consumers expecting telecom providers to interact with them without delay across tweets, messages, posts, chats, emails, and telephone calls, providers need a unified solution that allows them to do it all on a single platform.

Register and attend this webinar to understand how the combined offerings of Microsoft, Twitter, and Sprinklr specifically enable telecom providers to rapidly respond to customer enquiries in a meaningful, discerning way.  Discover how this unique partnership is empowering teams to break down silos so that care agents can engage in full, contextualized conversations that result in optimized productivity, reduced costs, and increased CSAT.  

Key Takeaways

  • How to provide rapid, discerning, and consistent customer engagement at scale.

  • How to remove operational silos by integrating conversational, consumer-driven channels with contact center engagement.

  • How to increase profitability and CSAT with conversational commerce.


Grad Conn



Andre Truter

Principle Digital Strategy Advisor

Microsoft Consulting

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