Bring Your Campaigns to Market Faster with AI

Learn how to bring campaigns to market faster by planning, managing, and collaborating as a cross-functional team using AI-powered agile methods.

Modern teams are more connected than ever — but cross-functional collaboration still remains a challenge for many brands and organizations. That’s because siloed workflows and team structures slow down campaign timelines. How can your brand overcome these campaign hurdles, unlock the power of agile marketing, and produce more content than ever before — in less time? 

In this 30-minute session, our digital marketing and advertising expert will demonstrate how the most advanced, proprietary AI engine built for the enterprise can help teams spend less time on process and more time on production by to:

  • Streamlining, automating, and prioritizing intake processes to ensure your campaigns, content, and teams are all aligned to specific business needs and objectives

  • Using agile workflows to optimize, manage, and track the end-to-end marketing process, plan for review and approval cycles, increase accountability, and ensure nothing slips through the cracks

  • Quickly delegate important tasks, monitor progress, and brief internal teams and agencies on your goals or tactics from a single source of truth.

  • Collaborate with context across cross-functional teams to reduce time to market, improve efficiency, and gain greater visibility


Nicolo Balajadia
Senior Solutions Consultant

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