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5 Common Social Media Publishing Challenges — and How to Overcome Them


Malte Jansen

60 minutes

Reach customers faster and more efficiently, at scale —  with a unified platform.

Social media management isn’t just writing copy, picking images, and scheduling posts — it covers 30+ channel’s worth of messages, regions, approvals, metrics, and more. And if you’re working in silos, delivering on-brand, timely content could end up costing your team increasing amounts of time and money.

In this 30-minute session on Sprinklr’s Social Engagement and Sales platform, our solutions expert will show you how to reach customers quickly and efficiently, at an unprecedented scale, by:

  • Giving your team full visibility into your editorial calendar

  • Tailoring and scheduling content across all channels and accounts

  • Using AI-powered insights to schedule content during optimal engagement times

  • Managing reviews and approvals through a single, unified platform

  • Leveraging AI to identify top-performing content


Malte Jansen

Solutions Consultant


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