Employee Advocacy Webinar: “Get Engaged” with Signet Jewelers

Harness an Untapped Employee Resource: Their Voice

Explore one of the most strategic, sustainable, and even better—organic—programs designed to boost your bottom line. Employee advocacy helps build brand reputation by leveraging employees’ social connections to share brand-approved company updates and marketing messages.

With co-presenters, Signet Jewelers, our experts will help you understand this influential, cost-effective method of elevating social engagement by having your own employees promote your (and their!) brand’s success, and how Sprinklr Advocacy can make it happen.

What to Expect

In this on-demand webinar we’ll leverage customer stories, including co-host, Courtney Klemens with Signet Jewelers, to explore the benefits of adding Sprinklr Advocacy to your customer engagement program.

We discuss how to:

  • Harness and leverage employee influence

  • Increase brand power through advocacy and credibility

  • Improve your sales pipeline and revenue

Don’t miss your chance to begin generating ongoing conversations. Conversations that end in conversions.

Who’s Who: The Panel

Niraj Sharma
Lead Solutions Consultant
Courtney Klemens
Analyst, Social Media Analyst
Signet Jewelers
Dasle Kim
Employee Advocacy & Community Manager

Watch the webinar


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