Sprinklr & Wipro Present: How to embrace the next evolution of Digital Care

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Jillian Hoo, Jeroen Marttin, Pabel Martin

39 minutes

The world has changed in numerous ways and the way customers want to do business has led the charge. Online is the name of the game.

Ecommerce is the new standard. And customer service teams have been stress-tested to the limit. For these reasons, most leading enterprise brands are accelerating their digital-first transformation strategy and resetting how to do Customer Care in the new world.

Register to view this webinar, where expert presenters from Signify (Philips Hue), Wipro and Sprinklr share how leading enterprise brands are accelerating this critical digital-first transformation. You will learn:

  • How digital channels and AI are shaping modern customer experience

  • The role self-service plays in delivering modern customer care

  • How leading care teams are moving from reactive to proactive care

  • How to integrate traditional Care touch points with the modern engagement


Jillian Hoo

Customer Life Cycle Practice Director

Rational, a Wipro company

Jeroen Marttin

Customer Care Manager Philips Hue


Pabel Martin

Solution Consultant


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