Sprinklr helps you transform social into a revenue driver.

Consumers now see messaging as the best way to engage with businesses. How can brands capitalise on this insight at an enterprise scale? With the only unified conversational commerce platform. Sprinklr can help you meet customers on the 30+ modern channels they prefer, build strong one-to-one relationships and convert these conversations into sales.


of consumers will message a business to make a purchase


Feature - S&E - Conversational Commerce - Sprinklr helps you transform social into a revenue driver.
Drive up to 185% more revenue with seamless omni-channel commerce.

Sprinklr’s unified platform enables full conversational journeys across the 30+ messaging, live chat, social and app channels your customers prefer – helping you create premium commerce experiences at every touchpoint in their journey.

Create personalised CX that makes customers 80% more likely to convert.

Activate seamless end-to-end experiences, from awareness campaigns on paid media to proactive, cross-channel engagement that recommends the right products and services – sparking customer desire, building relationships and delivering the value that turns prospects into revenue-driving customers.

Reduce CX costs by 40–60% with AI-powered bots and sales support.

Scale global engagement efforts efficiently by leveraging industry-leading AI across multiple languages to detect customer intent, power conversational bots and arm your sales specialists with the relevant data they need in real time.

How can a conversational commerce platform help enterprises respond to changing consumer behaviour?

For more than one in four internet users, the main reason to use social media is finding products to purchase. How can brands capitalise on this at scale? By engaging, one-to-one, with every consumer who wants to have a conversation across more than 30 discrete messaging and social channels.

A unified customer experience management (Unified-CXM) platform is critical. Sprinklr combines omni-channel coverage with advanced AI capabilities – from virtual assistants that make product recommendations to AI-enabled sales specialists delivering expert advice during digital conversations – to help global brands fully leverage every engagement.

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Transform digital conversations into sales with Sprinklr conversational commerce.

Connect with our experts to discuss your specific use cases and goals, and explore how the industry’s most complete conversational commerce solution can help.

Empower sales teams to engage seamlessly across more than 30 digital channels.

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Bring conversations from all of the digital channels and languages your sales specialists support together in a single, unified experience.

Integrate your existing commerce investments to create fully unified customer experiences.

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Maximise the effectiveness of every conversation by giving bots and sales specialists the ability to access up-to-date product catalogues and add items to pre-populated baskets.

Create an end-to-end customer experience that spans all channels and touchpoints.

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Sprinklr’s out-of-the-box AI models are tailored to your vertical to accurately identify customer intent, power your desired bot journey and generate suggested specialist responses – saving them time while ensuring a consistent customer experience.

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