CSAT Prediction in Agent Console and Care Console


How does CSAT Prediction work in Care Console?

Every time a new fan message gets associated with the case, the Predicted CSAT Rating is updated. In the given example, when the agent requested the customer's phone number or reservation code during the interaction, the Predicted CSAT Score was 50.

When the customer requested to cancel the booking, the Predicted CSAT Score for that specific moment changed from 50 to 42.

When the customer expressed disgust and specifically requested to speak to an agent, the Predicted CSAT Score for that particular moment further decreased from 42 to 37.

To gain insights into the customer satisfaction journey throughout a conversation, you can view the initial CSAT score on a case and compare it with the subsequent scores. This allows you to analyze how the conversation started and how it progressed, providing valuable information on the customer's initial sentiment and any changes in satisfaction levels over time.

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