Highlight top posts on trend charts in Display


With transparency around top highlights, you can see posts with high traffic on the different lines in the graph.

Turning on the functionality will shift the existing line chart to the left, and will animate through the different lines and the social post associated with the traffic spike on each. Being able to visualize what is driving spikes in activity is valuable information to help partner understand what is driving the traffic that they are interested in.

Note: This feature will be available in the last week of September, 2022.

To view top trending posts in charts

  1. Click the New Tab icon Space Add New Tab Icon. Under the Sprinklr Social tab, click Display within Analyze.

  2. Open a Display Storyboard and click on it to enter the editor. Select a given slide with a line chart from the bottom, hover over the slide preview, and click edit to be taken to the slide editor.

  3. Click the Design tab on the right.

  4. Scroll down to the Spikes section, and toggle on the option. (This will show the graph in the Line chart.)

  5. Check/uncheck the Marker, Metric Value, and Shortened Number checkboxes, based on your preferences.

  6. Toggle on the Trending Post option. (it will show the post that is trending.)

  7. Check Right or Left checkboxes to determine the position of the trending post.

  8. Check the Post Header checkbox to see the header of the trending post.

  9. Select the Native Post Sizing, Color Mode, Border, and Drop Shadow options, based on your preferences.