Sprinklr Social
Sprinklr Social
Key Components


Everything related to different social channels available on Sprinklr.

Digital Asset Manager

The digital asset manager provides an organized and unified repository for storing, managing, and measuring the impact of Content Assets.


Sprinklr allows brands to publish and amplify content like no other platform. Using Sprinklr Publishing, you can distribute and promote content to your audience, with the ability to schedule and deploy messages across over twenty channels.


Engagement within Sprinklr provides a way to manage your team's response workflows from organized Engagement Dashboards.


Governance refers to the capabilites that allow you to maintain a secure, well-administered environment with complete control over access and configuration. Through account, user, and system governance, system administrators can provide team members with the permissions they need while maintaining security and optimizing efficiency.

Rule Engine

The Sprinklr Rule Engine is a powerful tool that can be used to automate workflows, assignments, properties, and more. By configuring Rules, you can increase efficiency, transforming manual processes to automated workflows that execute according to the conditions that you set.


Reporting in Sprinklr centralizes data from all your social channels and accounts. In Reporting, you can customize, expand, and drill into metrics to discover what's working and what’s not, and develop data-based strategies to continuously improve your content performance. From Standard Dashboards that provide overviews of your ongoing Campaigns and social channel performance to custom widgets with infinite configuration options, Reporting provides the data that's most relevant to your social performance.

Link in Bio

Sprinklr Link in Bio allows brands to create and manage an immersive micro-site so that people can explore the best products the brands have to offer. With a Link in Bio, your marketing channels can introduce people to their next great find. This can help you add a powerful CTA to your social and organic posts.


Distributed is a Sprinklr lite version, for someone whose focus is not related or limited to social media marketing. It is just the right solution for your business if it requires a compliant method of distributed local content. Whether your business in the niche of Financial Services, Hospitality, Auto-Dealerships, Dentist Offices, Owned and/or Licensed Models, or Retail, Sprinklr Distributed is perfect for your content distribution.


Sprinklr Display enables you to curate fan content and create stunning, dynamic visualizations - in your office, at your events, and in your front office. Within Sprinklr, you can easily create stunning, dynamic presentations with your own Sprinklr data and keep that data updated automatically, in real-time.

User Generated Content

Curate and re-purpose content from your fans that can be republished by your brand.