Hyperspace Charts within Display and Presentations


Sprinklr has upgraded all its chart library within Display and Presentations to the new revamped hyperspace UI. The new hyperspace UI focuses on enhancing the widgets to yield reports that are more intuitive, actionable, accessible, visually engaging, and consistent across the platform.

Enhanced Consistency, Actionability, and Accessibility of Hyperspace Widgets

The enhancements imparted by revamped hyperspace widgets can be summarized as:


  • All the widgets across the platform will follow a common visual language that complies with Hyperspace Design.

  • Actions and Interactions across different visualizations will be similar.

  • Different visualizations can have a different set of actions based on the context of information. But widget level actions, whenever present, will have similar experiences across visualizations.


  • Users will be allowed to easily take widget-level actions such as applying filters, resizing widgets, moving the widget to another section, setting up alerts, etc.

  • Trending Post feature will enable users to quickly understand the spikes observed in the data.


  • Users will be provided with a set of visually appealing color palettes that comply with accessibility guidelines.

  • Text in Legends, Data Points, Axis Names, and other information on the widget will comply with accessibility guidelines, especially when the number of metrics/dimensions is too many and when the text appears over the color background in some visualization types.

  • Constraints will be applied over resizing some specific widgets to ensure that the data visualization does not appear broken due to resizing.

Changelog for Charts in Hyperspace



Abbreviation for large numbers on counter charts

Abbreviation of large numbers on counter charts for concise and non-overwhelming reporting of numbers.

Improved Color Pallete for Sentiment

  1. Neutral - Yellow

  2. Negative - Red

  3. Positive - Green

New color palette as per hyperspace principles for better aesthetics, discernibility, and intuitiveness.

Gender Chart Upgraded to Bar Chart

Gender Chart has been upgraded to Bar Chart to have a visualization compliant with inclusivity and neutrality principles.

In Line/Spline widgets with multiple dimension values, the legend used to have different shapes corresponding to each dimension.

Earlier: The same shape was available on data points of trendlines.

Now: One smooth line is visible. Legend icons have been updated to simple square boxes.

  • To reduce visual tension in the legend.

  • Color is enough to differentiate between lines. 

Target metrics details won't be shown in tooltips. It will be available in the legends.

Earlier: Line with visible points were there.

Now: Target metrics now have a smooth thick line.

By Design.

Further plotting visualization will be explored as per customer feedback.

Bubble Chart

Before: Some data points were kept hidden.

Now: It shows all data points.

By Design.

Further plotting visualization will be explored as per customer feedback.

Widget with less height

Earlier: If the height of the widget was small, more data points were visible.

Now: Lesser data points are visible.

By Design.

Further plotting visualization will be explored as per customer feedback.

Datapoints on Line/Spline widgets are not visible.

Earlier: Small dots were present at the data points in Line/Spline.

Now: A smooth trendline is visible.

By Design.

Further plotting visualization will be explored as per customer feedback.

SLA metrics in Counter widgets will have a fixed black color.

Earlier, random colors were there.

Random colors provided too much visual tension, leading to confusion. This tension has been removed.

SLA Widget: Distribution of intervals in which messages were responded.

Earlier: The same color shade was used throughout.

Now: We have colored data segregation for SLA frequencies.

Due to accessibility concerns with light shading and difficult visibility, we now use solid colors.

Impact of New Hyperspace Widgets on User Experience

  1. As a user, you will be able to select and create different visualizations for the required use case.

  2. You will be able to change the colors of the legends of different series plotted on the graph. You will have a legend even if there is only one metric/dimension plotted/filtered on the widget.

  3. You will be able to view the data at any specific point on the chart by hovering over it.

  4. You will be able to give a name to different axes.

  5. As a user, you will be able to add a title to the widget to clearly represent the information exposed by the widget.

  6. With the revamped hyperspace UI, there is no impact on data changes and metrics.

  7. You will also be able to drag and drop the widget across the Storyboard or Presentations.

  8. As a user, you will see information visualized in a consumable fashion quickly comprehend the data exposed, especially when the number of metrics/dimensions/series is either too many in numbers or too few.