What is AI Creative Insights?



This article covers the overview of AI creative Insights. With AI creative monitor the performance of your ad creatives and design effective campaigns that result in a greater ROI.insights

What is AI Creative Insights

70% of campaign performance is driven by Creatives

As the competition on social media increases, it's becoming more and more difficult to grab the attention of potential customers. So how do you ensure that your customers choose you over your competition? The answer lies in your creatives. What people see in your ad creatives can make a huge difference in your ROI. Attractive, engaging, high-quality ads are the pathway to taking your brand to the next level.

You can use AI-Powered insights to understand how users react to your creatives, which of them are performing well, where your creatives are lacking, and what enhancements you can make to improve their performance.

In the Ads Reporting Dashboard, you can view the breakdown of how different elements in your ad creatives (eg. CTA, Copy, Headers, etc.) are performing. You can also see which element has performed well overall and focus on creating ad creatives and campaigns using these elements, which generates a greater ROI.

For a more comprehensive understanding of AI-powered creative insights, watch the following video: