Sprinklr Marketing
Sprinklr Marketing
Marketing Key Components

Editorial Calendar

Customize your Calendar to monitor organic and paid content in a comprehensive view.

Production Dashboards

Track and manage content and tasks with configurable agile Production Dashboards.

Campaign Management

Omnichannel campaign planning, execution, and performance analysis of your marketing initiatives.

Request Management

Create configurable form templates to streamline your workflow.

Content Planning & Publishing

Schedule and publish omnichannel content across modern channels together for consistent messaging.

Email Marketing

Plan email content, track email production workflows, measure business activity, and demand generation funnel.

Journey Facilitator

Create unified and omnichannel customer journeys using a visual, state-of-the-art flow builder.

Reporting & Analytics

Access full omnichannel performance results with integrations across analytics and drill-down to get a detailed view across channels, audiences, etc.

Persona Apps

Quickly access relevant modules to perform required tasks with our persona-based interface.

Workflow Management

Automate the logical flow of user tasks on various entities.

Content Templates

Perform cross-channel content management using templates across social and non-social channels.

Brief Templates

Provide ideas and information to the creative team to develop concepts for content creation.

Rule Engine & Automation

Increase efficiency by transforming manual processes into automated workflows executed based on the conditions and actions.


Allow teams to collaborate seamlessly on plans and investments, measure the impact on the business and sync them in Sprinklr without doing manual efforts.

Audience Management

Target your ideal customers using custom, saved, lookalike audiences and first-party data for effective ad campaigns.
Advertising Key Components

Automated Ads

Unified flow campaign automation where you can create, modify & optimise Ad & media on the fly

Creative Management

A cost-effective solution enhancing creative efficiency, aligning creatives with brand identity, and optimizing production.

Ads Publishing

Optimize and manage your ad campaigns across channels with an omnichannel universal tool.

Social Channels

Streamline execution, reporting & optimization in one place for advertising campaigns across all major social channels.

Programmatic Channels

Gain valuable insights to optimize your outreach for programmatic campaigns across display, video, and more.

Cross Platform Integrations

Integrate multiple platforms for seamless advertising analysis, management and optimization in a single view.

Lead Management

Streamline the process of generating cases from leads obtained through lead generation ads

Reporting & Analytics

Make data-driven decisions to improve campaign performance, thereby improving the impact and ROI.

AI Powered Optimizations

Leverage cutting-edge AI algorithms to automate optimization tasks and achieve better results.

Ad Comment Moderation

Use advanced Comment Moderation tools to filter and manage comments and foster a positive user experience.


Target your ideal customers using custom, saved, lookalike audiences and first-party data for effective ad campaigns.


Manage your advertising ecosystem with roles, permissions, and approval workflows for compliance.

Admin Settings

Configure settings to ensure consistency, manage access levels and more for efficient account administration.

Automation & Creation

Automate repetitive tasks and create more ads in less time using smart tools and technology.

Creative Library

Access a vast collection of design assets and tools to accelerate your ad creation workflow with Creative Library.