What is Guided Workflow?



Guided workflow automates business processes and guides the agents through customer interactions, reducing the resolution time and improving customer satisfaction. These workflows can also be deployed on external platforms or shared as forms for self-service purposes, allowing customers to handle their issues independently while providing an authentication process to ensure the security of customer data.

The workflows can be made dynamic, meaning the information displayed to the agent or the path taken by the work changes in real-time based on the system fetching data from internal or external sources. This helps provide customers with up-to-date information and ensures the workflow remains relevant and practical.

Guided workflow offers relevant questions and actions for users, making it easy for them to interact with customers and providing a streamlined process. They are also easy to configure and can save time and resources in training and retraining agents. The time taken for each case to be resolved decreases as the need to navigate multiple databases and articles is eliminated, with all relevant information available in one place. The accuracy and adherence to brand standards of agent responses to customer queries also increase when agents use guided workflows.

If you're interested in deploying Guided Workflows, contact support at tickets@sprinklr.com for assistance.

Customer-facing Guided Workflows

Guided Workflows are present on external systems such as the brand's website, mobile app, or knowledge bases, helping customers resolve their queries/complete tasks independently. These workflows are easily customizable according to the brand's guidelines and highly configurable, making the workflow highly intuitive for the agent.

Agent-Facing Guided Workflows

Guided workflows are available within the sprinklr system from which agents can trigger any guided workflow to help them resolve customer queries. Using guided workflows improves the efficiency and accuracy of the agent's response, improving customer satisfaction and reducing the overall cost of resolving a customer query.