Identify crisis events proactively with Smart Alerts


Never miss out on critical trends in your business and get alerted in real time.

Powered by Sprinklr Intuition, Smart Alerts analyze conversations around your brand and alert your team when anomalies are detected on metrics of your choice.

Based on historical data, the algorithm recognizes trends in the metrics of your choice, like volume, engagement, sentiment, etc. The Smart Alert AI model then predicts the movement in the future and flags any anomalies based on the deviation from its prediction. Once identified, the algorithm triggers an alert for all the intended parties through the following routes –

  • Email notification

  • SMS notification

  • Mobile push notification

Smart Alerts help you stay ahead of any crisis that could potentially impact your brand reputation.

Key use cases

  • Early warning system to proactively manage brand crises

  • Identify trending influencers & competitor content via engagement and virality of posts

  • Identify and mitigate regulatory compliance and reputational risks

  • Gain insights on a crisis event to identify the root cause and deploy mitigation strategies