Sprinklr Insights
Sprinklr Insights
Key Components


Uncover insights with AI-driven interactive surveys and automated text analytics.

Social Listening

Tap into real conversations from billions of consumers to get actionable insights, and engage with your audience more effectively than ever before.

Media Monitoring & Analytics

Perform your PR functions with one stop solutions & uncover actionable insights from traditional and modern channels.

Product Insights

Understand how customers feel with Product Insights, now you can capture experiential customer data right where it happens.

Location Insights

Unlock local, regional, and global data with Location Insights to identify new opportunities

Competitive Insights & Benchmarking

Deep dive into Competitive Insights and Benchmarking using real-time metrics to analyze your brand’s performance against your competitors’.

Audience Insights

Learn how to leverage real-time audience data to make evidence-based investments to uncover new business opportunities.

Visual Insights

Learn how to leverage visual insights by analysing Visual Content and augmenting insights from Social Listening to create a complete view of the customer

Conversation Insights

Leverage Conversation clusters to discover the key topics of conversation among your target audience and the macro trends among them.

AI Studio

Learn how to combine Listening and AI to turn vast amounts of unstructured customer data into powerful, actionable insights

Data Sources & Channels

Learn more about expansive coverage across traditional & modern channels to understand consumer behavior

Sprinklr AI+

Leverage the power of large language generative models