Instagram Hashtag Manager: Introduction & purpose


Measure social media impact through hashtag listening and curate content that resonates more with your audience.

Hashtags play a crucial role in amplifying the reach & engagement of your brand’s social media content. Hashtags are used to categorize the content for our audiences with similar interests and make it easier for users to search and engage. Consumers are interacting with brands on social media, influencers are promoting the product with hashtags, and customers are searching for content with the hashtags of their interest, so it has become imperative to know about the performance of hashtags to curate content & hashtags ensuring its virality.

Sprinklr allows you to perform hashtag listening by creating queries with relevant hashtags that your brand wants to monitor. With hashtag search, you can find public Instagram posts and reels tagged with a specific hashtag.

Persona-based use cases

  • As a Marketing Manager, I want to monitor the performance of my campaigns

  • As a Research Analyst, I want to identify & monitor trending hashtags

  • As a Research Analyst, I want to monitor related posts for the hashtags of my brand

  • As a Marketing Manager, I want to identify the influencers & advocates for my brand

  • As a Content Manager, I want to identify the most engaging media to curate my content as per the trend & to increase engagement

  • As a Campaign manager, I want to measure the impact of my campaigns

  • As a Research Analyst, I want to monitor my competitors' social media campaigns


Monitoring Instagram Hashtags will help brands –

  • Measure the campaign performance

  • Monitor competitors' social media campaigns to build a strategy

  • Identify influencers & detractors of your brand

  • Increase engagement by identifying the trend & impacting attributes

  • Protect brand reputation by monitoring of association of their hashtags with negative sentiments


Permissions to Instagram Hashtags are governed by the Profile: View permission. Please ensure the below permission is assigned to the global/workspace roles of the desired users/user groups who need access to the Instagram Hashtag Manager.

Instagram hashtag limitations

Instagram has some API Limitations which are as per below –

  • You can register a maximum of 30 hashtags per Instagram Business Account within a rolling 7-day period irrespective of the number of queries

  • Profile Data (Personally identifiable information) will not be included

  • Emojis in hashtag queries are not supported

  • Hashtags on Instagram Stories are not supported

  • Deregistering any active hashtag will take 7 days for deregistration to complete

  • Hashtags that have been tagged as sensitive or offensive will always be kept in registering state

  • Backfill is not supported in Instagram Hashtag Listening