What is a Learning Management System?


Suggest training and development courses from your Learning Management System (LMS) to agents based on their performance metrics. The widget uses data from the agent performance management system to analyze the performance of individual agents, identify areas of improvement, and suggest relevant training courses. For example, if an agent has received low customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores for a specific skill, the widget may suggest a course that focuses on improving that skill.

The widget displays information such as the number of courses assigned, completed, in progress, or overdue.

Click on the count to view the details of the courses in the Learning third pane. Click Assign in the top right corner to assign more courses. Select the desired courses from the recommendations or all the couses and click Select Deadline at the bottom right. Next, review the courses and click Assign.

Learning Management System Permissions


Permission Name 

Access Lyearn 

Learning Management 

View and Assign courses in Quality Management  

Performance Management