Smart Paraphraser Overview


How agents can instantly choose from up to 3 AI-generated paraphrased suggestions to reduce repetition and add variety to their usual replies.

Smart Paraphraser enables agents to send articulate, grammatically-correct responses faster with AI-powered paraphrased suggestions. Paraphrasing will help agents to bring much-needed variety to conversations as it will help in reducing the robotic nature of conversations by enlarging the scope of usual agent replies.

Enablement note:

  • To learn more about getting this capability enabled in your environment, please work with your Success Manager.

  • The functionality is not supported for rich text channels currently.

  • The users must have the Smart Paraphrase permission under Outbound Execution to use this capability.

  • Currently, Smart Paraphraser is available in English. We plan to support Portuguese, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, and Italian in the future.

Use cases for Paraphrasing

Improved agent efficiency

  • Increase agent efficiency with AI-based paraphrased suggestions to diversify agent’s responses.

  • Improve average response time by quickly selecting the suggestions.

Better customer experience

  • Increase CSAT by driving customers to resolution faster and in a consistent, brand-compliant manner with personalized conversations while reducing agent effort by helping them to widen their response set.

To use Smart Paraphraser in Care Console and Agent Console

  • Open the desired case in Care Console you want to send a reply to.

  • After you type your reply in the reply box, click the Paraphrase icon at the bottom to view the suggested paraphrased variations of the message while keeping the same intent.

  • Choose the desired paraphrased text from the AI-generated suggestions. Once selected, you can edit the text before sending.

  • Similarly, you can use Smart Paraphraser in Agent Console.

To view reporting on Smart Paraphraser

Create a reporting widget and plot Event Count (Smart paraphrase) metric to view the total number of suggested Smart Paraphrases.

Create a widget and plot Smart paraphrase Predicted Text and Case Id dimensions with the Unique Case Count (Smart Paraphrase) metric to view the paraphrased text along with the Case Id.

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